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    zeegrey posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 1 month ago

    HEy, I changed Anton Levi’s power. Ao yeah. Syd and Leo are giving me a run for my money with these long bios, but whAtevEr, not gonna go back and add stuff because that would be crAzy, riGhT?

    NAME: Anton Levi Turner
    ALIAS: Lee
    AGE: 18
    HEIGHT: 6’2”
    WEIGHT: 156 lbs
    ****** ORIENTATION: Bisexual
    TIME PERIOD OF ORIGIN: Early 2000s, small South-Western town in America. (Born in 1985)
    POWER: Replication. He can create multiple copies of himself, but they can only be sustained for so long, and are not independently thinking outside of the original Anton Levi’s mental direction.
    COLOR OF MAGIC: Pale lime green
    APPEARANCE: Pale, warm-toned skin, with the barest hint of freckles across his nose. Sharp, delicate bone structure, with a straight, thin nose, high cheekbones, and a cut jawline. He has pouchy eyes, with a fairly straight upper lid, but a little droopy on the outer bottom corners of his eyes. His dark circles enhance his pale green-grey eyes. Anton Levi has an evenly balanced mouth, nearly symmetrical, but with a slightly fuller upper llip. He is lanky, with broad shoulders he never quite grew into, making him constantly off-balance and looking vaguely like a Dorito. His hair is wavy and golden orange in color, short on the sides, while longer at the stop, falling into his face. It was once an ill-fated fauxhawk.
    CLOTHES: He has a few outfits he recycles. Often wears black, straight cut jeans with a studded belt, and either a black long sleeved polo shirt with an orange stripe through the middle advertising the garage he works at, or a plain shirt under plaid. His other outfit includes camo pants and a turtleneck top underneath a jacket. He wears blindingly white Nike Air Force Ones or black Dr. Martens, a puka shell necklace and layered pendants on thin chains, orange framed sunglasses, a Livestrong bracelet, and other such disastrous 2000s trends. He has his Tamagotchi with him at all times.
    PERSONALITY: Quiet and shy, Anton Levi can appear haughty or unsociable, but he merely has a tough outer layer to crack open. Once his trust is gained, Lee is extremely loyal, almost puppy-like in his dedication.. Due to this, Anton Levi can be easily manipulated and seem naïve or foolish at times. He is a little sensitive, but takes few things personally. He is an expert in moping and pouting, and generally can be difficult to read as his natural demeanor appears almost pitiable. He tends to be fairly pessimistic in an Eeyore-like passivity, but can be quite cheerful when caught up in the moment.
    OCCUPATION: Worked as a mechanic in his local car repair garage
    WEAPON: Unless ones counts his awesome Pokémon collection, all he has is his lug wrench. He’s working on acquiring an old fashioned pistol.
    EVER/NEVER: Ever
    BACKSTORY: Anton Levi had a fairly average and comfortable childhood, other than the strange visions he received whenever he touched an object- which he quickly learned to control and hide- and the death of his sister in a car accident that took both his sister and mother, leaving him with a somewhat oblivious father. One day, Anton Levi came home from school, jumped onto his bed, and fell through, and kept falling, not stopping until he crashed through a balcony into the School for Good. His family had conveniently neglected to inform him of his ancestry and the possibility of being transported to the School for Good and Evil.

        than replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        I am confusion. Is it a rule now that we can’t change/add stuff to our bios?

          zeegrey replied 1 year, 1 month ago

          No, I just change my bios way too much haha

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