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    Chapter Two

    The dark water hardly rippled as Zajara crashed into its surface. Her trunk came shortly after, bobbing over Zajara’s submerged head. Gasping, Zajara swung herself over the trunk, paddling towards the shore as Jugger unleashed demonic screeches of displeasure.

    Mud slid off Zajara’s hair, as screaming, falling children rained down from the sky. Rotten carcasses drifted past, and a few children hooked onto them, desperately trying not to drown.

    Finally, Zajara felt ground underneath her feet, running to a growing queue to get into the tower. Snarling wolves held whips, creating loud smacking sounds as the canines whipped stray children.

    Jugger hissed softly. The girl in front of Zajara had long, flowing silvery-blue hair, reaching to her waist. It would’d been beautiful, if not for the many creatures hiding in her hair. Tarantulas, fanged vipers and even some small, black birds all called the girl’s hair home.

    They entered the tower, which literally radiated gloom. It was dark, as if all the light had been harnessed out of it, leaving an empty void.

    The new Nevers were led to a grim foyer, which was decorate demonically. Gargoyles snarled down at the children, and devilish, thankfully painted creatures swarmed around six pillars, which spelled out N-E-V-E-R. Zajara spotted a small girl-she was nearly half of Zajara’s height. When the girl turned back, Zajara got a wonderful view of the girl’s packed, sharp teeth, displayed in an ear-to-ear grin.

    A messy-haired, wart-covered hag put a sheet of parchment into Zajara’s hands. It read: ZAJARA OF MURMURING MOUNTAINS, EVIL, 1st YEAR, MALICE TOWER 46, ROOM 444. A stack of books were piled onto Zajara’s hands, with a smelling, moldy school uniform.

    They were led to three staircases. One patterned with gruesome monsters read MALICE, another crawling with spiders read MISCHIEF, and the third swarming with snakes read VICE. Golden-framed pictures were hung loosely on the harpy-covered walls, all holding grinning and scowling villains of fairytales.

    Monster Hair Girl skunked over to Zajara. Jugger hissed threateningly, but Monster Hair Girl took no notice. “I’m in Room 444 too-so is Chako Creek and Sibel Krey-I’m Navi Crookhood, for future reference. Have a nice time here, Zajara Jagger.” Monster Hair Girl-or Navi, pointed at Chako and a scowling girl, who Zajara mentally dubbed as ‘Upside Down Face Girl’.

    “Do you have an anaconda to strangle my neck?” Zajara snarled. How could her luck be that bad?

        zseafish replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        ok why did I put six pillars-I meant five pillars.

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