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10th May 2015

Hello, Evs and Nevs!

Happy Mother’s Day!  I couldn’t spend the day with mine, unfortunately, but we definitely have a FaceTime session planned.  If you have a mom or mom-type figure in your life who means a lot to you, I hope you got a chance to tell her how great she is! My mom is my personal Leslie Knope: my loudest cheerleader, fiercest advocate, and all-around sunniest presence in my life. ♥

I’d also like to send a cosmic message-in-a-bottle to L.M. Montgomery for penning the Anne of Green Gables series, which was key to my development as a reader and as a person.  Thank you for imparting an eagerness to learn, as well as pointing out the romance in having “scope for imagination”.

I’ve been thinking about those books recently, especially since spring weather always makes me feel nostalgic.  Do you find that happening to you?  Do certain books or music remind you of specific memories or times in your life?  Sometimes just the act of reading reminds me of summer break, because that’s when I’d have the most freedom and time to read for fun.  (That’s right — instead of going to summer camp, I mostly spent my vacation time at home, taking on the local library’s reading challenge.)

In SGE news, everything’s chugging along!  The initial proof (the first version of the book with artwork and formatting) for THE LAST EVER AFTER came in the other day, and it’s a beast.

lea proof

As Soman mentioned before: 672 pages total, single-sided.  What’s the biggest book you’ve ever read?  I bet this will be stiff competition for it.  I had a bag ready when I went to pick up all of these pages, but I still found myself having to cradle the bundle in my arms like a baby while I was toting it around.  It IS a baby, in a way — it’s Soman’s brainchild, for sure.  And it’s taking a village to raise from concept to published book.

Similarly, the new website is coming together with hard work from a swarm of people.  After reading your thoughts on the teasers I shared last week, I have to say, you’re a clever bunch!  Even without much context, you guessed a great deal of what’s coming up.

Sophie4ever and Ellie, don’t worry, we’re not getting rid of the blog.  Yes, we may post fewer written entries in the future — but that’s because the things we’d normally write about will become stuff that we talk about on EverNever TV.  Episodes will be posted as regularly as the blog entries are right now, although we’re still working out specifics.  Technically, the blog is just evolving to include the show!  It’s also going to be a lot more organized, with new categories so that things are easier to find.  A little taste of what that will look like:

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 6.51.11 PM

What do you think?  I’m also curious — where do you guys read these blog posts?  Are you usually at home, or are you scrolling through them on your phone or mobile device, wherever you are?  If you’re reading them, say, during school hours, then I could see why keeping these in text form would be helpful and more discreet. 😉

More to come!  I’ll keep giving you guys little snippets of the site as they come along.  The Common Area is especially exciting, and I hope I’ll be able to preview it very soon.

Otherwise, remember that the Meme Contest is in full swing and you still have a week to submit your entry (or even entries)!

I hope you have a fantastic week, loves.  Here’s your song of the day, a favorite of my mom’s:



  1. Whoa that is the longest book in the series. I'm sure that I could read it...

  2. I love my mom! And my dad! I always make a handmade present from the deep of my heart!!! And great song also!

  3. 672... that's a lotta story content.

  4. Those are a lot of pages! I wouldn't be able to lift them all! Does the website still have the Theatre of Tales?

  5. wow a lot of paper haha

  6. Loved the song!

  7. Yeah

  8. That is a lot of paper!

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