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1st April 2015

Heya Evs and Nevs,

Yeesh, what a week. Just got done with another 8-hour writing day on THE LAST EVER AFTER. I’d keep going, but I always know when that point hits, where if I keep going, the work won’t have the same emotion and intensity… and I’d rather stop before then, even if it gets me a little behind. I’ll always finish in the end, even if I run up against my deadline a bit.

Speaking of deadlines, it’s definitely a tricky time. I’ll have Chapters 1-31 done before I go on tour, so those will go into copy-editing, and then I’ll keep working on Chapters 32 and 33, which I want to get perfect, perfect until I run out of time. With Chapters 1-31, I’m very very happy with what we have so far — happier than I’ve ever been with my own work — and so I want to make sure Chapters 32 and 33 have the highest quality yet, given it’s the big finale.

JoAnn gave you a peek last Sunday of what it’s like getting these books together and it’s no small feat. Because I’m managing a huge universe in my head, my editor Toni is reading everything like a hawk to make sure that not only are the character and story arcs consistent, but that we’ve sealed up every little logic question and have stayed true to all the rules of the world. How she keeps it all in her head is a miracle in itself, but she’s the reason there aren’t any mistakes in these books. For instance, here’s a suggestion from her in Chapter 20:

Screen shot 2015-04-01 at 6.41.08 PM

(Who’s tower, you’re asking… Who is ‘HE’?? You’ll see.)

It’s a simple little nugget she gives me, but it leads to a few great changes that make all the difference.

Toni and our art director Amy are also responsible for managing Iacopo Bruno, who is the greatest illustrator on the planet, as all of you know. Iaki’s art for Book 3 is SICK. I’ve seen all the early sketches and we’re blown away. You’ll see the first two art pieces very soon, when you get your copy of Book 2 in paperback… because it has the first two chapters of Book 3!

Oh this brings me to a diversion. One reader asked if I minded if she reads the paperback in the bookstore, so she doesn’t have to buy it. It’s a great question, because I’d be tempted to do the same. I’d mention 3 arguments against such a plan:

1. You’ll want to reread the first 2 chapters a few times, given there’s a decent gap between when the paperback comes out on April 15th and when Book 3 comes out on July 21st.

2. We’ll be having a contest in May involving the first two chapters of Book 3, for those who’ve read it (and it involves close reading), so you’ll likely want your own copy

3. When you’re an author someday, you’ll realize it isn’t the easiest living unless people buy your books (if they don’t, no one gives you anymore $$ to write them). So buying a book is your way of saying you want books and authors and series to stick around.

So yes, I’d say all in all the paperback of Book 2 is worth the $6 or $7 it costs at your local bookstore (cheap as $5 on some online sites), and I’ll raise my glass of organic blueberry smoothie in salute if you get one on April 15th.

Meanwhile, will I see any of you on my upcoming tour? Here’s the public events schedule (I’ll be doing schools in all five cities, of course!)

Screen shot 2015-04-01 at 10.21.43 AM

In other news, JoAnn has been insanely busy if you can tell from her weekly posts on Sunday! In addition to managing the new Youtube channel, website overhaul, Taylor Swift scrapbook, tour slideshow (which will be on Youtube soon), and a zillion other things, she’s also helping to craft the exclusive full-color, pull-out poster that will be available in the Barnes & Noble edition of THE LAST EVER AFTER. Look for hints as to what that poster will be in her upcoming Sunday post.

LOVED all your beautiful casting ideas as to what parts you will play. So many amazing, impassioned Agathas… and Kikos. Why so many Kikos!!!! No doubt Kiko will have a big part in the movie, as she’s Agatha’s guide through the School for Good — so hopefully you’ll have a chance to all audition to play her.

Movie’s chugging along, though we’re still scripting (and will be through the summer). But we should have a release date announced by the fall… Eeee!

And now for this week’s contest… It’s been one I’ve wanted to do for a while.

For all of you who’ve read Books 1 and 2 over and over and read them super closely, this contest is for you!

This week, you’re going to come up with your best THEORY as to something you’ve figured out about the world of SGE that you’re sure is true. Here’s the rules:

1. You have to name your theory.

2. You have to explain it in less than 200 words.

For instance, many of you have converged on the:


Aric is Lady Lesso’s son, because he has purple eyes and knew how to break her shield and yadda yadda…

3. Whoever has the most compelling and creative theory — that shows how carefully you’ve read the books will win 5 signed copies of A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES!

Now, a word about prizes — because of customs issues, we can only ship the books inside the USA and to Canada 🙁 So those of you who’ve won outside the US, I’m afraid we can’t send out the books to you! But hopefully winning the contest is recognition enough.

Good luck with your Theories and we’ll see who wins next week!

Back to writing…




  1. This book might be out in a few months and can't wait to read it...

  2. Awesome Soman! Thank you to the people who helped make this series possible! And, Soman, and Joan! And Ramon! * goes on and on and on thanking everything then goes on to talking about thanksgiving, then talks about humans are not pure good or evil, they are both inside no matter what, then goes on talking to random people, saying thanks...... everyone stares....*

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  7. I wish that I am able to Soman on tour. But that was in 2015, it's 2017 right now!

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