Proof Perfectionism, More Foreign Translations, Trailer Peeks, and Why You Can’t Pay Me to See the Avengers Again!

13th May 2015

Hey Evs and Nevs,

Sorry for the delay in posting! I might be done with the book, but I’m not done done done, because…

a) I’m smack in the middle of proofs, which is my last chance to make changes to the book before it goes to press. As all of you know, I’m quite the perfectionist, so I’m always tinkering with punctuation and word choice here and there and things no one will probably ever notice, but things that all accumulate to a smooth reading experience. I have a clear vision in my head of what the book will read and sound like, so I want to make sure we get there.

While we’re on the subject of proofs, here’s a teaser at one of the chapter titles…

photo (59)

b) The trailer visuals are done, the soundtrack is done (SO GOOD), and last night, we were working on the sound effects, which given the complexity of the trailer, are pretty intense. But the trailer will be done soon and will debut at Book Expo America from May 28-May 31, before MTV reveals it to the world on either June 3 or June 4. I’ll confirm the date soon… Then it’ll be up on the new website once it launches the week of June 3rd. JoAnn will keep you up to speed on when the new website will launch and has already been giving you teasers the past couple Sundays. Suffice to say it’s going to be AMAZING.

Another trailer peek…

Screen shot 2015-05-13 at 10.22.10 AM

c) I’m busily signing the 5,000 special pages that will be inserted into 5,000 limited editions of THE LAST EVER AFTER that will be available on July 21 at select bookstores. I’ll tell you first before anyone else where these signed copies will be available, so that you can either pick them up on July 21 or pre-order from the store and have them shipped to you! These will be the only signed copies available until I’m on tour in the Fall. (More on where I’m going on tour later this summer!)

d) Check out some of the latest foreign editions! French… German… Polish… 22 languages, 100+ countries, and 6 continents and counting! Here’s to Ever-Never Army Global Domination.

Poland France Germany

It hasn’t been the easiest going straight from finishing the book straight into proofs and preparing for the big website–trailer–EverNever TV launch in June, but once the book goes to press on May 25th, I’ll take a couple weeks and not do very much. Not because I’m tired necessarily — I feel pretty good, thanks to yoga, tennis, and good weather — but because I’ve been writing for four years straight, with very, very few days off, and it’d be nice to kind of remember who I am away from it. Otherwise there is this tendency to put blinders on and just live Groundhog Day again and again, instead of actually evolving.

It’s also quite easy to put all your emotions into a book or into your work and forget to live them; and I’m pretty good at separating work and life, but when things got as stressful as they did these past five months trying to make Book 3 what I wanted it to be, I definitely lost track of myself a bit. So I’ll definitely fix that in the weeks to come.

I’m also looking forward to reading a ton of books — it’s IMPOSSIBLE to read when you’re proofing, because your head is filled with your own book in every permutation. So once this is off to press, I’ll just lie in the park and read all day. For those of you in NYC, just look for the brown-skinned boy with a blueberry smoothie, lying in a field with a stack of books next to him.

Meanwhile, am I seeing any of you at BEA or BookCon??? I’m doing a bunch of events there, and we’ll be posting the schedule soon so you can hopefully come join in the fun.

In other news, my head is still battered by the Avengers movie. I went last Thursday and saw it in IMAX 3D with like 7 of my friends. I brought earplugs and I still thought it was too loud (no I don’t take earplugs to every movie; but the first Avengers was so loud and brain-numbing that I prepared myself this time.) I just thought it was the worst movie. (Sorry Avengers fans.) It made zero sense; things happened for no reason; there was no character development; and I had no idea what was going on half the time. At some point, my brain shut down and I fell asleep for a bit, before reviving just in time for something involving a city being thrown off a cliff.

Needless to say, I’m much more excited for Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max (which looks INSANELY GOOD, but isn’t a movie most of you should see I suspect, given you’re too young.)

Alright, I have to get back to proofs! But look for the Meme contest winners next week (they’re so good so far — I’ve been cracking up), as well as more updates on what’s to come in June, hereby renamed OFFICIAL SGE MONTH!




  1. Had that book in my shelf already and now be here for book 3 coming in a few months...

  2. I remember that chapter! I read the books 10 times a month!!

  3. Morning of Evil... ooh, ominous...

  4. Is that a rose in that eyeball? I'm sorry you hated the Avengers movie! Keep up the amazing work Soman!!

  5. amazing book :)

  6. The book covers look AWESOME!

  7. Agreed

  8. "The Meaning of Evil" is a great chapter title!

  9. I love how much attention to detail there is in each of the trailers!!!

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