School for Good and Evil #4: Quests for Glory Cast Video

22nd September 2017

*WARNING: There may be spoilers for Book 4 in the comments of this entry.


  1. Hmm.......dont get it...........i like it tho.........

  2. OK but like why is Hort taller than Tedros?

  3. creep at the end... please don't tell me it's ***********.... comment if you want the name...

  4. um I don't get it

  5. O. M. G.! THIS IS AMAZING! The casting is perfect! I hope they use the cast for the movie!

    Agatha + Tedros

    Bodgen + William

    Hester + Anadil + Dot

    Hort + Sophie

    IT’S PERFECT! I just keep watching this video over and over again! Hort and Agatha are so adorably awkward and Dot is so cute and Tedros is awesome and Sophie is perfect! Sophie dancing around Tedros was almost as hilarious as Hort and Tedros dancing together! And the last book One True King just came out a few days ago and now the series is over and i’m

    • I know right!

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