SGE Remains on NY Times Best Seller List

5th June 2013

For the third week in a row, THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD & EVIL will remain on the New York Times Best Seller list in its explosive debut. In the issue dated to run on June 16, SGE will remain at #9. The book has also held steady in the top 10 on the competitive Indie Bestseller List, published by ABA.


  1. That’s amazing. When all of this series is over, what will you do then? I really hope you make a brand new series of something that I know that everyone will love.

  2. lhfewhtsz

  3. Post #4. I did not even realize that he had the blog this long.

  4. Go SoMaN

  5. tasty

  6. ok then

  7. This news is so old. Soman is such a good writer. Woo hoo

  8. go Soman!

  9. Hmmm. I'm starting at the old news first then working my way down to the newer news. I wonder if the new news is as funny?

    Inner angel voice: Probubly

    Me: Hush or they'll here you and inner spirits coming to life isn't a good thing in other people's eyes.

    inner devil voice:hey world! Look at--

    Me: *closes hand around mouth* bad little inner demon voice!

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