Soman’s Almost Done, Book 3 Trailer Peeks, Don’t Make Plans in June, and Why You Should Tag on Instagram

28th April 2015

Hey Evs and Nevs,


Yes. I’m right in the middle of a war. Literally, figuratively, metaphorically.

Chapter 34 is done. One more to go. I will finish. But man, what a journey this has been!

From the beginning, I had in my head what I wanted Book 3 to be. The other two books were puzzle pieces to a bigger story and a bigger theme, so I needed time and space to craft the conclusion. I started writing on May 15, 2014, and never took a day off in the past 11.5 months to get this thing done, because I knew I’d need every hour, every day to make it happen. And I’m almost there.

It’s been tough, of course. Because our release date was moved from October to July, it meant there was no wiggle room. But somehow, someway, and with my editor Toni masterminding the schedule, we’re almost, almost there.

The crazy part was that somehow I went on a 6-city tour in the middle of all this, and I don’t really remember much of it! My brain has been so far into the ending of Book 3 that all I have are pictures and fleeting memories of meeting some wonderful kids along the way (including a lot of you.)

But soon the day will come where you’ll read what I’ve given my blood, sweat, and lots of tears to over the past year. And while you read, I will go sleep, work out, gain weight, play tennis, go on dates, buy new socks, get a new apartment, and everything else I’ve put off on hold for the last four years.

For a little bit. And then I’ll start writing again. Don’t worry. There’ll be some kind of book from me every year. If I don’t write for more than a couple weeks, my head implodes.

Meanwhile… get this. I SAW THE TRAILER. Michael Blank is almost done with it, so I got a look at the first cut, and it’s… AHHHHHHH! Better than the first two. Everyone is going to die.

Here’s a sliver from one of the images in it:

Screen shot 2015-04-28 at 8.08.07 PM

I know it tells you nothing, but I can’t ruin the trailer for you. You need the full experience.

Now, how will you see it? Well, if you’re going to BookCon or BEA in May, it’ll premiere at the Industry Breakfasts on all three days. For everyone else, MTV will debut the trailer, just like it did the cover, on June 6th or 7th. Stay tuned for the exact date.

Website is on the way too in early June (!!). SO MUCH IN JUNE. JoAnn will weigh in on the website this weekend. She’s been swamped with helping me navigate copyedits on Book 3 (which is publishing speak for proofreading on overdrive), as well as managing the new website development, and the launch of EverNever TV, also coming in June.

In other words, clear your schedule in June.

We’ll put a hold on contests for one more week, because by next Tuesday, the book will be fully in and I’ll be able to actually blog without seeing the open book file on my desktop and knowing I have to get right back to it. Until then, keep uploading to the Reader Gallery because I look at it every morning for inspiration. Oh, and if you’re on Instagram, make sure you’re tagging #theschoolforgoodandevil, #schoolforgoodandevil, or #somanchainani in your posts. I check all three tags every morning and see everyone’s incredible memes and art and photos.

Needless to say, when the going has gotten tough on this book — and it’s been tough all the way through, because of how epic it is — I look to you and only you for inspiration. I read every comment, see every art piece, read every fan fiction on, look at every Instagram post… everything, everything, everything, soaking up your passion and love for the world of SGE and channeling it right back into the books.

An Ever Never ecosystem, we’ll call it. Like the weather cycle you learn about in biology.

Okay, Evs and Nevs. Look for me next week…

I’ll be done with the book. Imagine that.





  1. Book 3 coming in 2-4 months.... Excited SGE fans???

  2. I'm about to read book 3!

  3. I know how you feel Soman! When I write my own stories, I get really frustrated sometimes. And you get hungry faster. :)

  4. I love book 3! I read each of your books about 25 times a month!

  5. Can't wait to get Book 3...

  6. I love how you find inspiration from your fans! Not very many authors that I've read do that, which makes this book series all the more special! What do you do when you don't have to write?

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