SOMAN’S BLOG: Book 5 is Out! Plus Soman on Tour and More!

13th March 2019

Hey Evs and Nevs,

I am lying in a hotel bed somewhere in Minneapolis — the hotel is AMAZING, this cool place called the Ivy with a perfect bathtub and amazing sheets, and I feel like Sophie in a palace — and I’ll soon be picked up to do my 3 events today. Tour is an amazing experience; I’ve gotten to meet so many of you, and it reminds me why I work so hard on this series, knowing that all of you care about the books so much.

The tour started in NYC with a huge launch party, with more than 250 people and a glittery theme. My hair and shirt were coated in glitter and it got the tour off to a rousing start —

Then I was up at 4am the next day to go to Philadelphia, them Plainville, Massachusetts (Jeff Kinney’s bookstore, which was AMAZING), then Connecticut, then Tennessee for the SE-YA festival, then St. Louis, then Milwaukee, and now Minneapolis. Goodness. And I’m only halfway through tour! I’ve been doing 3 shows a day plus a bookstore visit, and when I mean shows, I mean a real show. It’s a full on performance and super energetic, but I love every second of it.

If you’re upset that I’m not visiting your school, there’s an easy solution. Ask your librarian or principal if your school does author school visits (your school would have a budget to bring the author in), and suggest having me there. Then they’ll get in touch with my agent and that’s how I end up at your school! I’ve done over 200 schools in the US in my short career and hopefully I’ll do your school soon.

Now onto the business at hand…

B O O K 5!

Who’s finished it? Who liked it? If you didn’t like it… keep your opinions to yourself, lol.

No, seriously, I’m super proud of the book and early reactions on tour have been insane. People seem to think it’s either their favorite book in the series or at least the most surprising. Everyone appears to think it’s been worth the wait. I worked harder on it than anything I have in my life, so I hope you guys enjoyed every word and will keep rereading and rereading to find all my little hidden Easter Eggs.

I can’t really think about Book 6 yet, because tour is all-consuming and I need to get home and rest before I keep working on it. But I have about a third of it written, so I don’t think it’ll take forever to come out. Maybe another 12-15 months. It’ll be worth it. It’s the ending to the series and SGE deserves a big, amazing finale.

Jun will have a new EVERNEVER TV up tomorrow, featuring footage from the NYC party, plus winners of the Recap challenge, and a whole lot more, so stay tuned for a new ENTV episode.

Oh, did you guys like the Countdown? It was all Jun — he edited every single one and came up with all the ideas. What a boss. Thank him in the comments for doing such a great job 🙂

Alright, I’m about to get picked up to go to my Minneapolis schools… Let me know what you guys thought of Book 5!!!




  1. I bought the book yesterday because REASONS and I'm OBSESSED. Around page 356, or something, at least right now :). It's seriously amazing! You did such a good job. I'm scared cuz I'm like 56 percent through the book, though....this is one thick book! Exactly my cup of tea. I love it so much! Thank you so much for such an amazing book!

  2. Hi! I haven’t gotten the honor to read book 5, and I have not gotten the honor to met Soman. Buuut, I wanted to say that your books got me through a very rough patch! Me and my bff were in a really big fight, but i read the SGE series, and realized any relationship can make it through anything if you just try! I own the second and the fourth book, and soon I will own the fifth! Thank you for helping me Soman, you will always be special to me!

  3. I am getting book 5 for my birthday, and it’s going to be the highlight of the party, because I finished book 4 a long time ago, so I have been really impatient for the fifth one. I think the series is awesome, and that everyone needs to have read it.

    • I finished book 5 (I went to one of Soman's book talks, it was AMAZING!) and it was SOOOO good. SPOILER ALERT:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::The ending is such a cliffhanger! 0mg!

  4. OMG! I AM SOOOOOOOOOO SUPER EXCITED FOR BOOK 6! I just finished book 3 but I feel like I need a spoiler!

    • Me 2! I've almost finished book 4!


    • NO WAY BOOK 6

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