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23rd July 2020

Hey Evs & Nevs,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it! What a summer we are all living through. And SO MUCH has happened. You know, I’m big on organizing things, so maybe the best way to approach things is in a tidy, organized list.

1. Movie news was announced last month and isn’t it glorious? Netflix will be producing THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD EVIL movie, directed by the brilliant Paul Feig.

For all updates on the movie, check out the latest installment of EVER NEVER TV, either in the School News section or on Youtube (, which features everything you need to know about the upcoming SGE movie.

This is Paul’s ship to run, as he’s a master director with a clear vision, and I’m here solely to get out of the way and let him make a great movie. That said, he’s been wonderful and inclusive, which is further proof of how awesome he is. Our job as the fandom is to keep spreading the word about the series, get people hyped, so that when the movie comes out it explodes — the more successful it is, the more sequels we will get! And we all know we want to see Filip in movie #2, so…. Get talking to your friends about SGE, especially the ones who haven’t read it. You are the Ever Never ambassadors and you are the future of the series, so thank you for all you’ve done and all that you continue to do. A series only lasts as long as its readers care about it, so each one of you is the reason why SGE continues to exist in the world and on people’s bookshelves.

2. Controversial opinion — am I the only one who thinks coronavirus has forced the world to become… better? I feel like pre-pandemic, we were all so caught up in pop culture and materialism and who was trending on TikTok. And the dire despair of this pandemic has forced us all to reexamine our priorities, our values, and work together. Sure, there are exceptions to this general trend — many exceptions, unfortunately — but in general, I feel like this is a big, great challenge we are forced to overcome as a species and there will be ups and downs, but we will come out smarter, more empathetic, and more connected as humans. But in the meantime, there will be a lot of pain and suffering, and each of us should do our best to alleviate this pain in those around us. Whether it’s tipping extra at your local takeout or helping your grandma figure out Zoom… think of the best way to help everyone through all the new challenges that have arisen. And those of you who are in school, whether online or in person… take it easy on your teachers. Thank them too. They’ve been through a lot the past few months.

3. Meanwhile, I’m in the most calm and creatively fruitful period of my life. Maybe because there’s no distractions. I took a social media break after the release of ONE TRUE KING, so I’ll dip into Instagram and Twitter, etc. here and there, but for the most part, I’m totally checked out. The SGE fandom is its own little ecosystem now and thrives in beautiful harmony as I move on to new worlds. During lockdown, my priorities have been getting superfit, because finishing Books 5 and 6 in succession combined with a fluke medical accident that required a serious recovery, meant that I came out of ONE TRUE KING super under-weight and had a lot of work to do to get stronger and back to fighting shape. Writing a series requires so much stamina and brutal focus, so in order to do it well, you need to be in exceedingly sharp fitness, I think, otherwise you end up getting fatigued at the ends of books, which is when you need the most energy. I envy authors like JK Rowling, who had 2-3 years between their books, but that won’t fly these days. So the only option is to get in better and better shape and be more disciplined about writing. (Hence, cutting out most social media). Luckily, I had a great trainer during lockdown and really buckled down. Packed on 20lbs of muscle, worked super hard, and I’m feeling more energetic and fit than ever before. Here’s a pic from my last training session with Alex in Miami —

That was when I was in Florida for 4 months, before I came back to NYC, where I’m happy to be back and seeing my friends and just out every night, walking in parks and laughing with people I haven’t seen in a long time. It all just feeds my creative energy being back in NYC, even though I can feel the ghosts of everything this city has undergone these past few months…

4. Speaking of creatively fruitful… I’m working on a new book. It’ll be out in Fall 2021. Stay tuned to an announcement of what it is in September, along with the books for 2022 and 2023…………

5. ONE TRUE KING is out into the world and doing so well, and I couldn’t be prouder of it. I hope you enjoyed the book as much as I did writing it. Every time I look at the six-book collection on my shelf now, I feel this swell of love, just for the journey I got to go on as an author, and for the books, which I feel like are a family of six children that are out in the world having wild, fun adventures, making new friends everywhere they go. Kids sometimes ask me what I would change if I could change anything, and the truth is, I feel so grateful and so awe-struck that I got to write these books at all — and to write 6 of them!!!! — that anything other than wild, gushing, unconditional love, the kind of love that Hort feels for Sophie would be insane. Whatever I write next, whatever I write until I die, SGE will have the deepest place in my heart because it was such a warm, passionate adventure, and I will forever appreciate every word of it and all of you who picked it up.

6. New contest will be incoming, as well as some movie related special assignments… In the meantime, catch up on Ever Never TV — this week’s episode will be a deep dive into my life, so you get to know a little more about me — and we’ll have some stellar episodes coming out in the next few weeks.

7. If we had an SGE TikTok… what should we post?

But that’s for it for now, because this kid needs to get back to writing 🙂

Miss you all and thank you for being so wonderful all these years.





  1. This actually made me cry! Thank you so much Soman for bringing SGE into our lives, for giving us a new family, and for taking us on the most unforgettable adventures of our lives. Your Ever Never Army will always be by your side, no matter what. You can count on us

  2. And Quin Baron or Jackson Dollinger as Tedros!

    Do you agree or not, if not tell me who should play our favourite characters!

  3. Skylar Dunn should play Sophie and Scarlett Estevez should be Agatha in the movie! Also Ariana Greenblatt should be Bertrix. In my opinion.

  4. I am sooo excitedddd

  5. Admittedly, the pandemic has forced us to realize what it truly important - our loved ones, our health, our Earth.

    Also - washing hands. That's important.

    • How can you audition???? I know that it's an open audition so can you tell me how please?????!!! I would love to be in the movie of my favourite book, no I would be honered to be in the SGE movie if I knew how to audition!!!!

  6. I am so excited for more of Soman’s writing! I got emotional reading this post, because SGE is my all-time favorite book series and has really influenced and changed my life. ☺️ I’ll be re-reading these books until I die, and recommending them to as many people as I possibly am able to!!!!!!!! This series has made me cry hard, laugh, and smile. I’ve connected to Agatha on such a deep level, you have no idea how much. Aggie has made me feel understood and is soooo relatable!! She’s hands-down one of my favorite fictional characters EVER! One of my best friends and I are literally soooo similar to Agatha and Sophie that we use those names as nicknames for each other! (I’m Aggie. ) Soman, I hope you see this. Thank you. For picking up the pen and inspiring me and everyone who has and will read these books. Your writing had helped develop, shape, and improve my writing style. (I REALLY want to be an author one day!!!! I genuinely have a passion for writing.)

    Anyway, Soman, you probably won’t see this and it’ll be lost in the website forever, drowned by the endless sea of comments that pours in, but I still hold out hope that you will. Again, THANK YOU SOMAN! I LOVE SGE!!!!

    • SGE got me wanting to be an author too! I'v always loved it but it got me wanting to continue it!

  7. Is the new book going to be a book 7?!

    • No, Soman has said he is moving on from SGE. He may revisit the world later, but he’s probably doing something new.

    • oooOoOOooOOoOo I hope not, honestly.

    • I wish, but that is probably not gonna happen

    • If he does revisit the world he should do it about the next generation, about what happened after everyone has grown up and has families.

    • Agatha would be a good mother and Sophie would be like the fun auntie!

  8. Wait nyc wow so many famous people live there now. Also Movieeeeee! Me wish my friend would read series I had to tell my friend there was gay ships (she loves those) just to get her to consider! Also Moiveeeee! I hope it dosent get turned into a musical *think about the embarrassing Percy Jackson musical* I also hope it turns out nothing like percy Jackson!

    • I highly doubt that it would be a musical, if it is to be then it would kind of ruin. it ya know?

  9. Who is in the casttttt???????? I neeeddd to know!!!

    • It isn’t casted yet!

    • Thank you for that information!

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