SOMAN’S BLOG: Corona Panic… but SGE’s Still Open — More News than Ever!!!

13th March 2020

Hey Evs and Nevs,

Welcome to the dawn of a new age. The world is in full Corona Virus panic, as it should be, because this truly is an existential threat — not necessarily because of the deadliness of the disease, but simply how widespread it’ll be and how it’ll overwhelm our health systems, particularly in the US, where we’ve been very, *very* late to catch it and act. Luckily, I had a few scientist friends tip me off about the threat and I was preparing fairly early to escape the second NYC looked dicey… and I did. I’m bunkered down on an island off Miami, sealed off in a condo complex, where I just rotate between writing chair, the pool, the tennis court and the beach. I will be safe and so will my family, so if you are in a threatened area, PLEASE convince your family to stay home and isolate as much as you can until this is all over. For those of you not in a threatened area, enjoy your freedom and remember how precious life is!

That said… SGE is still open for business and busier than ever. Take a look at everything going on —

  1. Book 6 is DONE! Holy cow. 7 years, 6 books, almost 3500 pages, almost a million words… and I’m finished with ONE TRUE KING. It’s a huge epic of a book, 600+ pages, with more action and craziness and heartbreak and madness and insanity than you can possibly imagine, and I don’t even know how to sum up the book of experience of writing it. So instead of trying, I just took a picture instead. A picture that reflects the battle between Lion and Snake inside me that it took to write this book and the fact that it took literally two of me to get it done… namely, the managerial self and the creative self…

If you want more pics from the Lion and the Snake shoot, check out the latest EVER NEVER TV, which tracks the Behind the Scenes fun of doing the photo shoot and celebrating the end of Book 6. It’s up now in the SCHOOL NEWS section as well as

2. Now that Book 6 is officially done, all the ramping up to the release date of June 2nd around the world will begin… It starts with the official BINGE READING CAMPAIGN that is happening now, sponsored by Harper Collins —

To sign up and join the challenge, just go to: 

3. The insane trailer for ONE TRUE KING will debut in mid April on Ever Never TV, so make sure to subscribe to if you want alerts on when it will drop… Michael Blank has outdone himself once again with truly the most epic, beautiful trailer yet for the series.

4. Announcing the SIGNED, special Barnes & Noble edition of ONE TRUE KING, featuring an exclusive full-color poster on the front and an exclusive Graduation Exam on the back, testing just how good your knowledge of the SGE universe is! Here’s a peek at the front of the poster…

Supplies are limited. The SIGNED editions will SELL OUT. I guarantee you. So if you want to order one, preorder it ASAP at:

Here’s what the cover looks like btw, to make sure you’re getting the right one —

Once again, here’s the link to order before they sell out…

5. Meanwhile, on my Instagram — @somanc — I’ve been teasing secrets behind the making of THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL, revealing secrets for one book every month. January was Book 1 month, February was Book 2, and now we’re into Book 3 in March! All my little secrets as to where I came up with character names, how I came up with plot threads, etc. are all part of my little revealed secrets… To see them, just check my Instagram and I have a new secret every week. If you’re not allowed to use Instagram, don’t fret; your parent or teacher might be able to check theirs for you and show the secrets to you! We’ll be posting them here in the weeks to come as well.

6. We’ve done a Book 1 contest (fun new classes), a Book 2 contest (gender swap)… and a Book 3 contest is coming soon! Stay tuned to the website and Ever Never TV for more to come…

7. Good lord that was a lot. Book 6 done… trailer announcement… Binge Reading Campaign… BTS Secrets from every book… B&N signed preorder edition… what else? THE MOVIE. Lots of news coming. Just hang tight. Things are moving and moving fast.

A lot of you want to know what’s next for me… First a long vacation, because I really am wiped out from finishing THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL series. It was a big, big effort to write the six books in a row, plus the Handbook, and I need time to recharge and be human again. Strange that it’s coinciding with the world quarantine, as if somehow the timing worked to let me rest in peace while the whole world slows down a bit…

But there’s new projects slated for late 2020, 2021, and 2022 already… so stay tuned. Things are coming :0

Also, has anyone seen CHEER on Netflix? I’m so obsessed. Should I write a Cheer-themed book? I’m half-kidding… but I feel like I’d write a *really* good one.

Are you excited for ONE TRUE KING? What in the above list are you most excited about? I’m bored and on quarantine, so tell me your thoughts about Book 6 and SGE and coronavirus life in your part of the world in the comments below!!!





  1. I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!! thank you Soman for this AMAZING books! stay safe!!

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