SOMAN’S BLOG: First Peek at Book 5… Movie Update… Las Vegas… and More!

18th February 2019

Hey Evs and Nevs,

It’s your resident author here, and things are wildly busy as usual. Luckily it’s a holiday weekend, so I got a couple days of rest for the first time in a very long time — I did a school visit in Naples, Florida… then went to Las Vegas to meet my family (including my nephew and niece, Uma and Kaveen), and just landed in Los Angeles, where I’ll spend a few days working on the movie side of things before heading back to NYC.

First off, look how cute my niece and nephew are. And yes, they’re named Uma and Kaveen… so the fact I have an Uma and Kaveen in the books aren’t a coincidence 🙂

Second off, I know you’re wondering what’s happening on the movie front. We have an incredible director onboard now, and at the moment, our new challenge is getting the script to match the budget we have available. That requires creativity and diligence, but we’ll get there. The process of getting to the greenlight on a movie as big as SGE is arduous and 99% of projects this big don’t get there. But I’m hopeful we will. Hang in there.

In the meantime, you have a new book to look forward to! Book 5, A CRYSTAL OF TIME, comes out in just two weeks — and look who got his first copies…

They’re MAGNIFICENT. Possibly the most beautiful book in the series. When you see yours, you might just pass out. Remember, now’s the time to preorder if you want a special edition — either the Target edition, featuring a bonus lost chapter from Book 5… or the signed Barnes & Noble edition, featuring a full color pull out poster… If you’re outside the US, you can order a signed edition from Books of Wonder. All are available on the homepage menu of this website —

So definitely get your order in ASAP, so you have your own special copy on March 5. Of course, LOTS of you will want to just go to the store and buy it that day, which I fully support… Word is that there’ll be a special SGE table at Barnes & Noble that day, so take pictures if you see it 🙂

Meanwhile, how awesome is the new EverNever TV? Jun’s been hard at work, delivering incredible episodes and hopefully you guys like the direction. Keep getting your friends to subscribe and spreading the word about the channel, which will take on a more fantasy medieval theme this spring once Book 5 is out and we’re done with the SGE promotions.

Last but not least… TOUR! I’m coming to 13 cities (and more to come) on my massive CRYSTAL OF TIME tour. Here’s the calendar once again…

If you live anywhere in NYC, make sure you come to the New York launch party on March 5th at Books of Wonder, featuring SGE crafts and games, lots of food, giveaways, prizes, contests, and EverNever TV stars: Jun, JoAnn, Ramon, and likely Douggie as well! And, of course, we’ll get to hang out and I’ll sign your book and you’ll be part of the first group to get signed copies of Book 5.

Tour… movie… Book 5… EverNeverTV… I think I covered everything, didn’t I? Yeesh. Lots going on as always. No wonder I needed a 48 hour vacation.

Don’t forget to subscribe to EverNever TV on Youtube and follow me on Instagram for more updates on Book 5…

In the meantime, comment below on how you’re liking the new ENTV and whether you’re excited for Book 5!!!

See you guys on tour!



  1. The books are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. The covers are just so pretty.

  3. sounds amazing and i can't wait for the movie!

    • Yeah me too

  4. Cant wait for book 6!!! :)


  6. can't wait for book 6!

    • i know right

  7. bet the movie will be awsome and the kids are so cuteee uWu

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