SOMAN’S BLOG: Movie News, Thoughts on an SGE Book 4, and Busy Bees at Work!

13th January 2016

Hey folks,

Busy week here at the ranch — sprinting ahead towards finishing the Handbook, working on my new book series, and a couple other things, so it’ll be a short blog this week! But a few things to keep you thinking…

We’re expecting the next (and hopefully final) revision of the movie script in mid-February, so that’s when we’ll have a clearer sense of next steps! So stay tuned for that… Don’t worry — it’s plenty faithful to Book 1 of SGE, so no ludicrous reinvention of the story a la Percy Jackson.

Besides casting for the movie, the other most popular question we get on the SGE website is whether I’m writing a 4th book of THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL series. Here’s the thing — there’s so much to cover after the end of Book 3, that I wouldn’t just do a fourth book. I’d want to do a brand new series with 3-5 books, that cover the aftermath of Sophie’s ascendancy at SGE and the future of Camelot.

But it seems a bit silly to go straight into that kind of series now. Time needs to pass both in the real world and the Endless Woods before we do the story of the next generation. Otherwise it all seems a bit forced and premature.

At the same time, as a writer, I had another idea that I thought could be even stronger than SGE that I’d had for many years and wanted to do it once I finished Book 3. So I’m onto that now… But once I finish with this new series, chances are I’ll go back into the Endless Woods.

But it’s not like we’re abandoning SGE until then! We have the movies coming out, plus the Handbook, plus a new, unnamed SGE-related book in 2017… So every year, you’ll get something SGE related and possibly even more.

In other news, we just finished filming EverNeverTV for this week, which will feature critiques on your entries as to possible sequels to SGE. Here’s JoAnn and I prepping, while Ramon sets up:

Screen shot 2016-01-13 at 10.57.36 AM

That episode will premiere sometime tomorrow.

Also, we should have a new contest and set of polls up in the next few days… Look for a post from JoAnn!

Have a great week and see you on ENTV!




  1. I can't believe that we finally have a movie in progress after so many years. I wonder if Soman ever imagined that it would take so long.

  2. Awesome

  3. Are you excited about book 4 readers? It would be out in fall 2017.

  4. y6ay

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