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25th September 2019

Hey Evs and Nevs,

The witch is back. The witch in this case being… me 🙂

Sorry I’ve been gone a while, but to say it’s busy at SGE Headquarters is a serious understatement. First, I’m working on Book 6 — I’m officially on Chapter 23 — and it’s the most intense, complex, sophisticated, twistiest, wildest, weirdest School for Good and Evil yet, so it’s literally taken me into a black hole. But the good news is it’s a really great book so far, I think, and I’m confident you’ll all appreciate it as much as I’m enjoying writing it. Whether you like it or not I can’t control… but I’m hopeful that you’ll respect it 🙂

The first 22 chapters went to my amazing editor Toni today, so we’ll get a sense of how she’s viewing all of it with fresh eyes, and then that’ll help me shape it as I write the last 10 chapters or so. I’m not sure how many chapters I’ll have in total, but somewhere between 30-35 I suspect.

If you want a little tease of the book, here’s all I can give you…

Meanwhile, we’ve revealed the title: ONE TRUE KING, and the cover is coming… well, sooner than you think. Stay tuned because the countdown will begin pretty soon. And the cover! Oh my goodness. We worked hard on it to get it just right, going through draft after draft, but once Iacopo Bruno, SGE’s resident artist genius turned in his final version, I nearly passed out. It’s the most beautiful, strong, emotional cover yet, and there’s just so much to *feel* about it. Can’t offer any peeks at it yet but check out the last episode of #EverNeverTV: Return of the Dougg Squad for some tiny hints.

I’ve also been hard at work with the movie team… and the movie is getting dangerously close to the finish line, so just keep praying and hoping and telling the universe to make it happen. Budget, script, director are all ready. Now it’s just about the magic formula that just sets it on its way… So now is where you just push all the universe’s energy our way and make it happen. #EverNeverArmy

Also… who should play Tedros?!

In other news, I’m healthy again. After my scary surgery this summer, I dropped 20 pounds and we had a few days where I was in serious trouble of… well, not being around anymore… but I’m still here and I’m actually healthier than ever! Gained back the lost weight, have been hitting it super hard in the gym, and I’m the fittest and most relaxed version of myself ever, even as I get towards the end of Book 6 and have zero time to myself with movie stuff, book stuff, and other stuff we’re planning for 2020. So it just goes to show that sometimes you need a health scare to wake you up and make you appreciate life…

As for 2020 news, once I’m done with SGE — I’m hoping to turn the final book in right at the beginning of January — it’ll kick off a whole new phase of my life. There’s an international tour ahead, a couple cool new projects to tell you about, and depending on how the movie shakes out, that whole phase to consider too. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. First things first…

I gotta get back to the book!

I swear it’s good.

You’ll see :0




  1. hope you'll finish it soon! even though I'm only on the third book, I know I'll catch up soon, and btw, I have a question, how many chapters are in the 3rd book? just asking, because I ordered the 3rd one along with the 4th ( okay, I didn't ORDER them, I placed a hold on them at my local library), and I want to know if I'll finish the 3rd one in time, because I might have to return it before I finish the 3rd one. pls tell me. and just to make sure you'll answer me, I'll tag you @Soman

  2. So glad you’re feeling better! I’m so excited for the new book!!!

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