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1st February 2020

Hey Evs and Nevs,

Oh boy, I’ve been gone a while, and I know that’s unforgivable, but… I have a good excuse. I’ve been so hard at work on Book 6: ONE TRUE KING and it’s almost, almost done. I just sent the book into copyediting yesterday and now will go through the proofs stage, where I get the book with all the art and design and very, very carefully go through each and every word and pixel to make sure it’s perfect. That will take about a month of work, and then on March 6th, it’ll go to the printers… and I won’t see it again until you see it on June 2nd!

Here’s a pic of me working on the last chapter, with Douggie the Dog guarding me…

Meanwhile, if you’ve been on my instagram (@somanc), you’d be seeing that every month, we’re spotlighting a different book in the series each month. In January, we spotlighted Book 1, with 4 different secrets about my writing of it, along with a special EverNever TV episode, dedicated to the Secrets behind Book 1. In February, we’ll focus on Book 2… so stay tuned to my Instagram if you’re allowed to have it or Ever Never TV on Youtube for all the secrets about A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES.

I’m sure you’re asking what I’ll do now that I’m almost done with 10 years, 6 books, and countless words, and I have a few cool projects lined up that I’ll be unveiling in the near future. But in the short term, I’ll be in LA next week for work on the movie, which I’ll talk about shortly. I’ll also do a quick trip to Austin, Texas in February for fun. And then in March, I’ll be the keynote author at the North Texas Teen Book Festival in Dallas, followed by the OMG Book Fest in Chicago in April. Then BookCon in NYC in May… and then the grand Book 6 tour begins in NYC on June 2nd. So there’s a lot coming up!

As for the Book 6 leadup, there’ll be a cool trailer and poster and all of that, as well as the announcement of signed editions and a special preorder giveaway (even if you’ve preordered already), but stay tuned for all of that starting in early March. The train is about to leave the station and then it’ll be a Book 6 juggernaut until the big release day.

On the movie front, the script is in great shape and we have an approved budget, so we’re just trying to lock down a time to start shooting with the studio. Each month, we get a step closer…… Hopefully cameras will be rolling soon.

As to how I’m feeling about everything… I’m so happy and fulfilled about Book 6. I don’t want to talk about it much, because it has so many secrets and surprises, but it’s just a book that means a lot to me and one that I think you’ll be able to really go deep into. I’m also tired, of course, so tired that I think I don’t actually know how tired I am… but I have my ways of recharging myself, so I don’t think that’ll last long.

Just know that I”m thinking of all of you and I promise Book 6 is worth the wait. This is an End of Ends you’ll remember.




  1. The last line killed me

  2. I'm so excited for the movie

  3. The movie is finally here! Me and my friend, @charcat wanted an SGE movie so badly, we started making one for ourselves!

  4. I went to Ireland to visit my cousins I’ve never met before, so I was reading this while playing with them. I told them about the book and ranted about the movie while they ignored me and kept playing! Haha it was hilarious :D

    • Where did you go to in Ireland?

      Just wondering, since it´s like my fave place to be

  5. 1) Douggie is best guard dog! <3

    2) 10 YEARS. Holy frick.

    3) "The idea that the movie's, like, ACTUALLY GONNA HAPPEN and maybe not even all that far away is so SURREAL. Almost as much as book 6 being the last book."


    4) "Well, there is no doubt in anycreature's mind of how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING--"

    Wonderainbowmagicamazingballztasticaliciously supercalifragilisticexpialidocious you mean.


    --This book is going to be. We all know how amazing you are and have faith!"

    5) Welp! Onwards to the ENTV episode that just went up!

    "Twig and Berry AWAY!" *Berry grabs my wrist*

    *we zip out the door*

  6. I am extremely fascinating with that giant SGE book on the right of his book self, what do you think it is? A place to store the original papers?

    • I noticed that as well! Maybe all the books combined into one, because Soman did say that one day he wanted the series to just be a giant book. Also, did you notice the Harry Potter books on the left?

  7. Will you be visiting England and if you pre order the book in England will it still be signed?

  8. Can you do school book talks in NYC?

  9. Have you decided on the actors yet?

  10. And this is how I get overstimulated. Even more than a few days ago when our Chinese New Year vacay was extended by a whole month. Which is terrible. We just got a truckload of homework through Google Classroom. Still, book 6 will definitely perk me up. Im so excited for the trailer and the book!

    • Yeah, thats why I HATE google classroom- my teacher assigns like 5 things a day...

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