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21st September 2016

Hey folks,

It’s crazy busy here at SGE headquarters (what’s new?!), because I’m heading on tour in 10 days and I’m smack in the middle of working on Book 4. Your first peek at Book 4 will be in a special excerpt of Chapters 1-3 that will be available later this year and early next year… How can you get YOUR hands on it? I’ll let you know as soon as we have details 🙂

I checked in on my forum where you guys have questions for me and they all tend to filter down to 3 main questions…


As you know, I’m the most transparent author in the world when it comes to the movie, and I tell you exactly what’s happening, even though I’m usually not supposed to. In this case, we had a period where I was working on the books while someone else was working on the script… and let’s just say the script got “off-track.” It has since gotten back on-track, but it meant a long delay and now we have someone great doing a rewrite to bring it back to the original vision. So we’re waiting on the new draft, which will hopefully then get us a director and into production ASAP.

In some parallel universe, where there’s many clones of me, I’m controlling the entire process. But as you know, I care more about the books than the movies, so that’s where I spend my time!

But don’t worry, the movies will happen and we just need to be patient, even though it’s difficult. In the meantime, you have a Book 4 to look forward to.


We are diligently working on this. I know you want personal pages, where you get notifications whenever someone tags you. We’re definitely going to make this happen! And we should have the text adventure up and running by the end of the year as well.

What other improvements do you really want to see? We can do our best to make it happen….


I will! I’m pretty new as an author if you think about it. I only wrote my first book 3 years ago, lol!! And in that 3 years I’ve been to 30 states, 4 countries, and countless cities on tour. So just give me time and I will get to your country and we will get to meet and have the best time ever taking selfies.

Speaking of tour, I’m leaving for THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK TOUR so soooooon! Who’s coming to see me? Here’s the latest calendar:


Notice the new event added in Atlanta, due to popular demand. And there’ll be a new event added in Shelburne, Vermont at the Flying Pig on October 3rd, likely at 4pm. More on that soon. Definitely tell me in the comments if you’re coming to see me and I’ll look out for you! Bring your books and cameras and funny stories.

Meanwhile, in top secret news, I got picked for a pretty special honor that I can’t tell you about, other than to say I’m shooting the magazine photo for it on Thursday and yesterday I had to get my hair cut for it. Here’s the before…


And here’s the after:


I still dont’ know my selfie angles.

In other news…

  1. Don’t forget the MAGNET giveaway for subscribers of EVERNEVER TV! All you have to do is subscribe to EverNeverTV on Youtube ( by October 15 to enter.magnet-giveaway
  2. JoAnn is sending out the tanktops to the winners of the TANK TOP GIVEAWAY from the last #EverNeverTV subscriber raffle. Here’s a pic of her sending them out!                           20160916_163653
  3. This week’s EverNever TV involves JoAnn feeding me and Ramon weird candy from around the world… Should be interesting. Or at least… odd.

Douggie is here btw, fast asleep and living in a cloud of farts. That’s his signal I should get back to writing.




  1. Be here for the book tour coming to a city near you...

  2. cool!

  3. Wow! Nice haircuts Soman!

  4. When you announce the cast list for the movie, Soman, the Evs and Nevs will cheer.

  5. Movie

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