SOMAN’S BLOG: YallFest Spectacular… Book 5 Proofs… Big 2019 Dates… and More!

16th November 2018

Hey Evs and Nevs,

Sorry it’s been a while! The end of Book 5 sent me from writing straight into a crazy tour that culminated in YALLFest in Charleston last week, where Brendan Reichs and I hosted the famous closing Smackdown, which is this huge 60-author variety show. It was my second year hosting in a row, with my good friend Jenny Han in attendance, so I wanted to do something special… So I choreographed this entire ‘Dance’ tribute to her movie TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE. It brought out my inner Sophie and was completely over-the-top, with 9 songs, 5 costume changes, and more in 5 minutes of performance — and it took a TON of rehearsal by me, Jun, and Ramon… but it was all worth it.

It was so worth it, in fact, that next week’s #EverNeverTV will be a full-fledged concert-style documentary showing you the entire performance! So get ready for complete and utter madness. Here are some sneak peek stills from the performance:

The Smackdown was all made possible by one of you, actually. An incredible SGE fan named Ellie Pasquale, who I’ve come to know at signings and events over the years, and who is destined to be a star in publishing some day, has grown up from a 13 year-old SGE fan into a 16 year-old brilliant young adult — and I gave her the chance to produce the entire Smackdown herself for her big school project… and BOY, did she run with it. By the end of YALLFest, she was the real star — a teenager who made us all look like amateurs. Moral of the story: SGE Readers are unfailingly incredible and I hope I get to meet more of you and work with more of you as the years go on.

I’ll try to host the Smackdown again next year at YALLFest… if Brendan lets me… so definitely put it on your calendars. You can see more about it at

Movie News: new script coming in on 11/26 that we’ll use to budget the movie… so keep your fingers crossed. Director is onboard and absolutely the best director ever.

Meanwhile, I’m in Miami at the Miami Book Festival on my last stop of 2018 tour before I hang it up until March 2019 for the CRYSTAL OF TIME tour, which will be epic and huge, just like the book.

I just finished the first pass proofing Book 5: A CRYSTAL OF TIME —

Whoo, 627 pages of madness. I don’t usually assess my own work, but to me, Book 5 is hands down the best book of the series, just because it has such HUGE ambitions. Even more than Book 3. You’ll have to judge whether I achieved them or not, but it’s a book I love, love, love deeply. Soon it will be in your hands.

Speaking of which… some dates to look forward to —

January 2019: I’ll start posting quotes from A CRYSTAL OF TIME on my Instagram (@somanC) and my Twitter (@somanchainani) so you can follow me now or if you’re not allowed to, ask your parents to!

January 2019: Michael Blank’s trailer for Book 5 arrives… and it is going to be MIND BLOWING

February 2019: Countdown videos to Book 5 begins

March 5, 2019: A CRYSTAL OF TIME drops and I start my tour!

Now, if you haven’t preordered your book, you need to get on that, ASAP. Some options:

Amazon: has a very cheap version available for preorder… only $12 (!!!!!!); but that price won’t last long, so order soon:

Barnes & Noble: a signed, exclusive edition featuring a gorgeous full-color pullout of secret tales from around the Woods —

Target: a signed, exclusive edition featuring a must-read deleted chapter from Book 5 —

So many awesome options! Get ordering today, because the B&N and Target editions WILL sell out and any SGE superfan should have both.

We’ll have info on signed international editions very soon…

Meanwhile, hopefully you’ve submitted your FANTASY CASTING board to the Movie Contest that’s up in the Contests section… we’re going to choose winners soon and send them to the producer and director, so definitely get in on that if you haven’t already.

Also, I hope you’ve met and loved Jun Sekiya, the new host of #EverNeverTV and a new overlord at the School for Good and Evil, who you’ll be seeing a lot of in the year to come. Check out the last couple episodes, watch him in the Yallfest Dance with Ramon and me, and stay tuned for a special #EverNeverTV announcement from him in the week after that.

Hmm. I think that’s it in terms of announcements. I’ve been working so hard for so long and doing so much running around that I’m happily taking a deep breath for the next few days before I start Book 6. Next week will be my first week on Book 6, so I’ll just mess around a bit and see what happens. I don’t have a title or cover idea yet or much of anything, but things start to form quickly once I get into things. I’m ready to go.

If you’re excited for Book 5, tell me in the comments as that’ll get me even more fired up 🙂 Have any of you read the teaser of Chapters 1-4 of Book 5 in the Book 4 paperback? Curious what you thought of them…

More from me soon!




  1. I am asking for the other editions for my birthday!!

  2. Cool!!!

  3. Book 5 in 3-4 months and who is excited to read?

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