30th November 2020

Greetings Evs & Nevs — it’s Special Assignment time!

As we near the end of 2020, we’re embarking on a blast to the past and exploring the unsolved mysteries of Book 1.

How did Professor Dovey and Lady Lesso meet? What exactly happened to Vex in the Doom Room? And what in the world was happening at School before the semester started?

For 50 extra credit points, let us know the unresolved mysteries you find in Book 1, as well as your theories to their answers.

Now, slip on your sleuth hats, grab your copies of Book 1, and get ready for a deep dive back into the story that started it all!


  1. i don't know but it looked super easy

  2. How could Agatha and Sophie meet the school master? I don’t know I’ve only read the first book but it still seems weird that they could meet him when even the faculty couldn’t.

  3. So, apparently, Hester and Anadil say that, "the same thing that happened to us, happened to Sophie" when Sophie gets depressed. Does this mean they had also fallen in love? Will we meet these people? (Mind you, I've only ready Book 1)

    I have a feeling that Hester and Anadil had also fallen in love and then that led them to be more evil. Although I could be dumb and just not pay attention to what they said.

  4. We all know that Agatha has a heart of gold, but is there a part of her that allows her to cross the bridge?

  5. how could Agatha and Sophie meet the School Master when nobody else could, not even the faculty?

  6. When Sophie and Agatha swapped places in the princess coffin challenge, how did no one else notice?

    • Good question. I don't know. I guess its something to think about

  7. why cant anyone else cross the bridge? I mean agatha was able to do it 3 times. It didn't look too hard

    • I guess it has something to do with the stirrings she had towards evil. We also notice that every time she went to the bridge and she passed, she met with her mirrored self and acted somewhat mean. Evidence: In the second time she went to the bridge and saw herself she called herself evil so it allowed her to pass. (.... Third Tedros thinks I'm an evil witch which given my recent behavior might be true. Now let me through.) But when she wanted to go to Sophie through the bridge after the mirror incident with Professor Dovey, it didn't allow her because she was acting good (Agatha thought about how Sophie will feel if she fell for Tedros).

      What I said just contradicts with the fact that she passed the bridge in the end war without meeting herself when Tedros and the Evers were attacking Evil, but maybe it is because the whole school (other than the students) was hit by a Petrification spell so even the barrier stopped functioning?

      Honestly I don't know, but I find this answer somehow satisfying . Actually that was a pretty good detective work on your side

  8. why is agatha and sophie able to cross the barrier but no one else can?

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