19th August 2019

Boys of the EverNever Army — now is your time to stand up and shine!

As part of a top-secret video we’re making, we are putting together a montage of boy SGE fans, and want YOUR voice to be featured in it.

For the chance to win a signed copy of Book 5 AND appear on EverNever TV, send us your video reaction to The School for Good & Evil series, answering the following questions:

1. Your thoughts about Tedros. What makes him heroic, or un-heroic? What are his strengths, his weaknesses?

2. Your favorite boy character in SGE and why.

3. Your favorite action scene in SGE. Fights, chases, escapes. Let us know all of them!

Send this video reaction to [email protected]

You can do this either as a YouTube Link, which you can make Public or Unlisted, so it’s private.

Or you can send it directly by attaching it in the body of your email, though your file will have to be under 25 MB.

For Girls — never fear, your own Special Assignment will come soon… And for 50 Points, feel free to answer the above three questions for yourselves!


  1. Those times when you wish you were a boy

    • I hope we get a chance to be on ever never tv

  2. 1. Tedros always tries to do the Good thing, which unfortunately often leads to disaster. (Coronation) But he can also be too proud in some ways and not confident enough in others.

    And in emotional issues like with his mother in book three, or Agatha in book four, he's more likely to run before making amends.

    2. Rafal or Rhian, because I like a good villain.

    Especially a good-looking villain.

    3. The war in the first book; I didn't expect it to happen and I certainly didn't expect the end. After that book, I remained on my guard for the rest of the series.

  3. Tedros is very heroic because he does what he thinks is right. He tries to help his people and follow his fathers footsteps. But he can be childish at times and has a bit of an attitude.

    I adore Tedros. I love his sass and personality. I find him being childish is hilarious. Plus he’s protective and sweet on the inside. He’s the best!

    My favorite fight scene was probably the battle in book three. I loved that they were fighting because of love. It just goes to show you how powerful love is and how much people want it.

  4. 1. Tedros is a character I have a love-hate relationship with throughout the whole book series. Why? Well, because Tedros is often depicted as dogmatic, immature and oblivious. These are traits that I also have and dislike about myself, but Tedros also has good traits such as his willingness to show his love for others (such as Agatha). Tedros, like most characters in SGE, is a relatable character and that is what makes him both lovable and dislikable.

    2. My favourite male character is Rhian, he seems evil and power-hungry at first, but he really is scared and worried about what people think of him this shows that he's only human! Not to mention, how much he does care for Sophie even though Sophie doesn't really care that much for him.

    3. My favourite action scene in SGE is the No Ball when the Evers turn into Nevers and so forth. I think this scene is ironic and shows the evil in Evers and the good in Evers, not to mention it shows how wicked cool Sophie is!

  5. 1. Tedros is interesting character. On the outside tedros is tough and cool. But on the inside tedros is so loving and caring. He also has a bit of a temper!

    2. My favorite male character would have to be hort. He’s hilarious and he has good pjs!

    3. My favorite sean is in book one during the no ball when the evers turn into nevers, and the nevers turn into evers. And then evrey one starts switching between a ever and a never.

    Good luck boys!

  6. 1. Tedros’ doubts make him want to hide behind his facade of coolness and “I’m the best out of everyone”, so he acts so arrogant a lot of the time because he is always doubting himself so much. But despite that constant insecurity he feels, you can always still see the deep thinking, loving, strong person that he is, and that to me is what makes me love him so much, especially as the books progress. He sometimes lets his emotions overtake him, but he always tries to stay true to himself and what he feels, and the more he puts away that “cool boy” facade, the more he feels and thinks the right way at the right time, and these moments only increase as the books continue. When he does shine through, it really shows how amazing he truly can be, and shows to everyone what he can be, which then makes them want to give him their faith, which helps build Tedros up to be better than he already is, because now people are behind him and supporting him for the right reasons (not because of his abilities, or his heritage, or his looks, but because of who he is as person and for the decisions that he makes).

    2. Fave boy character is either Hort of Chaddick. Hort because he is so honest with his feelings, and he is content to just BE with the girl he is in love with because that time he spends with her is special enough for him, which is something to really admire in a guy. Chaddick because of how heroic and selfless he is, especially in his last moments.

    3. Fave action sequence is in “Rhian And The Real Thing” when Japeth and Rhian are fighting and you know that one of her will die, but you don’t know which one. Just the tension in that moment and how this could end any second, but you have no idea WHO will be on top (because both had an equal chance at dying at the hands of the other), was terrifying and thrilling all at the same time.

    • her=them

    • Actually, I change my answer for fave boy character to Merlin, who is epic, wise, and hilarious.

  7. I'm a girl, but what video reaction? I'm confused. Was there a link or something?

    (My favorite is Hort. He's so caring, and willing to be the perfect person Sophie needs him to be. I admire his vulnerability and passion.)

  8. Oh whatever! I'm gonna answer anyways

    1. Tedros: he is heroic because he fights for what he THINKS is right. On the other hand, he can be dense and cowardly because he acts like a child sometimes, and is bad at uncovering clues in front of him. He is also uncertain sometimes as his role as king.

    2. Hort or Chaddick: I like Hort because he's hilarious, funny, and sweet in a weasly way. I feel that Hort deserves love, and he grew quite a bit in the series

    Chaddick, he was a loyal everboy and stayed loyal to Tedros. His death was too soon, and I feel he's a bit underrated. He deserves our love!

    3. I like the breakout in book 5, mainly because it was so chaotic and active. Other than that, I like the final battle in book 3 when Sophie chose to save her friends.

    Aaaaand there's more but those are my top 2

  9. 1. I think Tedros is a good guy but he is way to much for someone as nice as Agatha.

    2. I like Rafal. He is so romantic. I just love him.

    3. I really like the scene in book 1 where Tedros tries to protect Agatha from Sophie and Agatha ends up fainting in his arms. I also like the part during the No Ball where Tedros almost shoots Agatha.

  10. Sweet! Too bad I’m female...

    • I’ll answer the questions anyway.

      1. I think Tedros has two different sides. He can be heroic yes, but he can act like a child...a lot.

      2. I really like Hort for his personality. He’s quirky, but he’s also serious in a sweet way. Also I love his pjs.

      3. I kinda like the battle in Camelot in book five when they had the jail break and the students come on nymphs and then Hort is the only one who goes to get Sophie and then a whole lot of Jazz happens. Idk. It’s just kinda intriguing.

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