19th August 2019

Boys of the EverNever Army — now is your time to stand up and shine!

As part of a top-secret video we’re making, we are putting together a montage of boy SGE fans, and want YOUR voice to be featured in it.

For the chance to win a signed copy of Book 5 AND appear on EverNever TV, send us your video reaction to The School for Good & Evil series, answering the following questions:

1. Your thoughts about Tedros. What makes him heroic, or un-heroic? What are his strengths, his weaknesses?

2. Your favorite boy character in SGE and why.

3. Your favorite action scene in SGE. Fights, chases, escapes. Let us know all of them!

Send this video reaction to [email protected]

You can do this either as a YouTube Link, which you can make Public or Unlisted, so it’s private.

Or you can send it directly by attaching it in the body of your email, though your file will have to be under 25 MB.

For Girls — never fear, your own Special Assignment will come soon… And for 50 Points, feel free to answer the above three questions for yourselves!


  1. The majority of sge fans are girls so this should be cool

  2. 1. Your thoughts about Tedros. What makes him heroic, or un-heroic? What are his strengths, his weaknesses?

    Tedros is a twit and a big nutbrain, honestly, but I'm happy for him! His strengths are that even though he can be a selfish brat sometimes, he cares deeply about his peeps. His weakness is honestly? He treats Agatha like his dog, but that's a typical couples thing I guess.

    2. Your favorite boy character in SGE and why.

    HOLY LORD, ARIC OR SOPHIE. Tbh, if he weren't such a phsyco, I'd totally shipped them both. Aric, I feel like, is the best villain ever. Just, Idk why. And Sophie is amazing, you don't need to look twice to figure THAT out.

    3. Your favorite action scene in SGE. Fights, chases, escapes. Let us know all of them!



    Another one was when in Book 4, Sophie started high-kicking and singing, "Whiskey-woo,".

  3. 1)At first I thought tedros was arrogant and big headed but I think he's a good hearted prince but I don't like how he treated Sophie in the first book (as a fellow never I find it very rude ) I think throughout the books tedros has blossomed a lot as a character but personally I still don't like him.

    2) my favourite boy character is hort I like him because in the first book he made me laugh. I always like the nerdy gross character that normally gets hated on ( if I was Sophie I would of been friends with him despite the smell) I found that in the first book where they are in the coffin together I thought that that was the fairytale telling Sophie hort is her fate.

    3) I like all the scenes in SGE but I have some honourable mentions :

    The choose your coffin scene - where tedros chooses Agatha and Sophie ends up with hort

    The scene at the ball

    The nemesis dreams

    The scenes with castor and Pollux in them

    (I just love castor and Pollux )

    The scene at the doom room-Sophie's haircut

    The scene where Sophie makes her own clothes (she's a badass savage )

    When Sophie and agatha get back to gavaladon (book 2)

    I also love the third and fourth also for fith book there are many more scenes I love but I could be here all day

  4. Hi, I just sent an email to you guys about this! I hope you like what I have prepared!!!!!

  5. 1. I think Tedros is heroic cuz he never gives up.

    2. I really like Hort. I think i am the same with him. Some time ago i really liked one classmate and i wanted to be best friend with her. I did all for her, i was always there for her and i cheered up her, when she was sad. But she has never cared for me. She was not greeting me. She was not talking to me. When i was sad, she did not help me or say " Cheer up! ". I knew that she does not deserve me... but i feeled suck for months. She was laughing and hanging out with other people, who were not good with her and they was with her only in good time. I have not got friends. In the end, i went to another school after Year 7. Whatever, i am happier now. It was the same with Hort. He loved Sophie and he was always helping her... but she was in love with Tedros.

    3. My favourite moment is in book 3. When Aric and Agatha - Edgar was thrashing each other.

    • I also love hort

  6. I think Tedros is pretty weird, because he makes a lot of bad decisions. He is heroic because he never gives up. His weakness is Agatha.

    My favorite boy character is Hort because he's loyal to Sophie no matter what.

    One of my favorite scenes was when Japheth killed Rhian. It was so surprising and dangerous. But the worst part of all the books is when Tedros passes the ring THROUGH HIS MOUTH to Agatha! I mean, who does that, and why through the mouth!!!!!

    • I love hort too

  7. 1. Tedros is a leader but then he sometimes make bad choices and decisions and make people feel upset.

    2. Hort is probably my favourite since Hort is loyal to Sophie all the time and thinks about her even through he has Nicola

    3. The best theme is the last scene of Book five where Tedros became a lion.

  8. 1. I think Tedros is good, but he also can be really annoying and stupid sometimes. I really admire that he loves Agatha the way he does, it's always funny to read about them trying to be a normal couple and failing spectacularly.

    2. My favorite boy character is Hort, because he's unfailingly loyal and he actually accepts the fact that he can be vulnerable and embraces it. I think that's part of what makes him such a loveable character.

    3. My favorite action scene was the end of the war in book 3, I thought it was beautiful and touching. It really stood out to me.

  9. 1. I think Tedros is good because he always stands up for what he believes in but he can also be annoying and selfish to.

    2. Probably Hort because he is really fun to read about.

    3. The war at the end of book 3 was really exiting.

  10. 1. Tedros is heroic because he will keep fighting no matter what. He is un-heroic because he won't always admit the truth.

    2. Either Tedros or Hort. Tedros because he actually cares about what's inside. Hort because is and will always be loyal to Sophie, no matter what she thinks of him or who she's dating.

    3. I love the fight scene in book 5 that is in Dovey's perspective. In my opinion, it is the best fight scene in all of SGE. I even wrote a poem inspired by it. It is beautifully written and I love it so much.

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