SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT: Fantasy Casting – Tedros x Hester

11th October 2019

Hope you guys have been enjoying the cover for One True King 🙂 Here at EverNever TV Headquarters, we’re working on some movie-related episodes, and need your help with some fantasy-casting choices.

For 50 points, let us know your top picks for actors to play the characters of Tedros & Hester — limiting your picks to actors who are under 20 years old.

That means no Brad Pitts or Chris Hemsworths — see if you can think of some genuine teenagers!

All right, that’s all for now — happy fantasy-casting!


  1. Title name please

  2. I don’t mind who plays who.

  3. Tedros should be Peyton Meyer

  4. okay three people

    Agatha Rowan Blanchard

    Sophie Sabrina Carpenter

    Tedros peyton mayer

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