31st May 2019

Hey there 😇s & 😈s

Hope you guys enjoyed the new EverNever TV! Soman almost pooped his pants filming, so we hope it was all worth it 😆

For 50 points, tell us:

• Your Good fears that you think are justified.

• Your Evil fears that are totally irrational.

• A plan you have to conquer your fears!

Have fun, and let’s all try and conquer a few of our fears this weekend!


  1. Good fear: death of loved ones and myself

    Evil fears:failing, losing, and every bug species known to man kind.

    Conquer good fear: protect them and me and stay out of harm's way

    Conquer evil fears: try, win, and.....I'll always be scared of bugs.

  2. Good Fear- Not getting a prince

    Evil fears- Losing against someone u want to be better than

  3. I am an Ever

    My good rational fear is being forgotten or replaced by my friends.

    My evil irrational fear is driving next to big trucks where I could get smashed.

    (These are my real fears)

    A way to conquer my fears is to have faith that my life will go how it is supposed to.

  4. I am an ever.

    MY ever fear: Scared my best friend will play with another friend

    MY never fear: Not being able to use the right magic or weapon when the time comes

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