31st May 2019

Hey there 😇s & 😈s

Hope you guys enjoyed the new EverNever TV! Soman almost pooped his pants filming, so we hope it was all worth it 😆

For 50 points, tell us:

• Your Good fears that you think are justified.

• Your Evil fears that are totally irrational.

• A plan you have to conquer your fears!

Have fun, and let’s all try and conquer a few of our fears this weekend!


  1. Hi

    my good fear is that I will end up alone

    My evil fear is that I am TERRIFIED of oceans

    I will conquer my fears by one being and having good friends and two staying away from the ocean.

  2. i don't know my fears

  3. Good fear:that I will get a crush (I don't want one)

    Evil fear: I am very persistent even if I know I'm wrong at doing what ever im doing

    Plan to conquer my fear: by being a better person and stay away from people lol :)

  4. Good: Am I to unpopular for my crush

    Evil: I’m not very powerful

    Plan: Try to do the best I can to forget them and have a good time

  5. Good:being/doing lots of dumb things

    Evil:being annoying and kind of mean sometimes

    Plan: Focus to not mess up,be a better friend think more about what I am going to do

  6. Good: Does my crush like me?

    Evil: Am I good enough?

    Plan: Have more friends

    P.s.*Poor Soman!*

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