13th April 2019

Hi all! Hope you guys have been enjoying the SGE x Hamilton video we put out this week.

In addition to our “Write Your Own SGE Rap” contest, we wanted to announce a new Special Assignment!

For 50 points, give us your best SGE x Musical mash-up, answering these three questions:

  • What musical would you love to see mashed-up with SGE?

  • What would your fantasy cast for this production be?

  • Give us the name of a musical number you’d have in your show. What characters would be in it, and what would they be singing/dancing about?

Looking forward to reading all your mash-ups, and have fun!



  1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Okay this is weird but... An ANIMATED musical. Yeah. You might as well go. If you're still here, my idea is complicated and weird but HEAR ME OUT.

    Agatha (played by Agatha from ParaNorman)- Quasimodo and Esmeralda

    Sophie (Eilowny from Black Cauldron)- Frollo and Quasimodo (and at one point Esmeralda)

    Tedros (Arthur from Sword in the Stone)- Phoebus

    Rafal- Frollo

    Rafal- (Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians)- Frollo

    Okay, so for the first few parts of it, Agatha is Quasimodo because she is seen as ugly and not accepted, and Sophie is kind of the reason she thinks so too. (when they're in school) And afterwards Aggie becomes Esmeralda because she starts to realise that she is beautiful and Good, and helps others. Sophie becomes Quasi because she is not accepted in Evil or Good, and literally becomes ugly. And then Rafal steps in to be Frollo.

    This isn't in order but like okay:

    -So Sophie can be singing Frollo's part of 'Out There' to Aggie. And Aggie sings about wanting to be accepted.

    -(when Aggie becomes Esmeralda) Aggie can sing 'God Help The Outcasts' because she wants to help Good people

    - Rafal can, as Frollo, sing Hellfire about Sophie

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