13th April 2019

Hi all! Hope you guys have been enjoying the SGE x Hamilton video we put out this week.

In addition to our “Write Your Own SGE Rap” contest, we wanted to announce a new Special Assignment!

For 50 points, give us your best SGE x Musical mash-up, answering these three questions:

  • What musical would you love to see mashed-up with SGE?

  • What would your fantasy cast for this production be?

  • Give us the name of a musical number you’d have in your show. What characters would be in it, and what would they be singing/dancing about?

Looking forward to reading all your mash-ups, and have fun!



  1. Ok so a few ideas

    1: Les miserables

    Tedros is enjolras or Marius, and Agatha would be Cosette or eponine

    Songs: cake on a cloud or I dreamed a dream but it's Sophie singing about being a Princess

    2: Wicked

    Elphaba is Agatha

    Galinda is Sophie

    Fiyero is tedros

    Boq is Hort

    Nessa is Beatrix

    Songs: what is this feeling,

    Popular,dancing through life

    Dream cast: idina menzel as Agatha

    Kristin chenoweth as Sophie

  2. Musical mash up -Annie and the school for good and evil

    I picked Annie because the students could be the orphans and dean Sophie could be miss Hannigan, Agatha could be Warbucks and rescue the students from Sophie's evil plan.

    the students could be singing about how badly Sophie is running the school, Beatrix would star as Annie.

    for example i'd use the song it's a hard nock life:


    It's a hard-knock life for us!

    It's a hard-knock life for us!


    'Stead of treated


    We get tricked!


    'Stead of grades


    We get F's


    It's a hard-knock life!

    Got no friends to speak about,

    sophie turned them all to trout!


    rat fur blankets


    'stead a wool


    Empty Bellies


    'Stead a full!


    It's a hard-knock life!


    Don't it feel like the punishment is getting worse

    [KATE & TESSA]

    Don't it seem like there's never any fun!


    Once a day, don't you wanna just give up


    It's easier than doing all the chores


    No one's there when you need to make sophie's facials

    No one cares if you die or if your hurt

    No one helps when your on the edge of dying


    From the punishment you'd think we'd be dead


    really suckish lives!

    not a proper life!

    serving sophie life!

    missing aggy life!


    A ROSE we'll never see


    a rose, what's that?

    Sophie's queen?


    No one mentions aggy a bit

    We are stuck in here!

    It's a hard knock life!


    (Making a whistling sound and imitating Sophie)

    You'll stay up till my facial and makeup is perfect!!

    [STUDENTS (Except TEDROS)]

    Yank the tights from her draw!

    make her go buy some more!

    Make her drink a beauty potion

    I love you Dame sophie


    Get to work!

    make them facials!

    wash my hair!

    Polish my shoes!

    And I mean




    It's a hard-knock life for us

    It's a hard-knock life for us

    No one cares for you

    when your in a school and you feel like poo!

    It's a hard-knock life!

    It's a hard-knock life!

    it's end our lives!!!!!!!

    Beatrix would sing maybe-wishing aggy was back,

    Maybe far away,

    Or maybe real near by.

    she may be plotting against sophie.

    She may be wanting to die.

    Maybe in a house,

    All hidden by darkness

    Sophies sitting playing pokemon.

    aggy sitting paying the price

    they're both young.

    they're both smart.

    Bet they collect things like princes and crowns

    they're both good.

    Why wouldn't they be?

    aggy's one mistake was leaving me...

    So... maybe were not friends

    And maybe i was wrong

    Aggy will be queen one day


    Bet you she's ugly

    Bet you she mean

    betcha one day she'll turn green.

    Maybe she's strict,

    As straight as a line..

    Don't really care as long as she's divine

    So... maybe now my prayer's,

    as strong as they will be

    Won't you please, come back aggy..


    the students will dance and sing to the songs. my dream cast are the characters from the school for good and evil. they follow the story of annie to make an amazing musical

    xoxoxo bookgirl.sch xoxxoxoxxo

    • Wow you must have put a lot of effort into that

      Honestly though you should write that entire musical I would pay to see that

    • wow! you must win

  3. musical mash-up:

    musical: I'm feeling Cinderella

    characters: Agatha, as Cinderella, Sophie as the wicked stepsister?, Professor Dovey as Fairy Godmother ('cause that's literally who she is)

    songs: in my own little corner (A bit creepier), sung by Agatha

  4. 1. I don't really know what a mash-up is...

    2. Josh Hutcherson as Tedros, Emma Watson as Agatha, I can't even think of somone crazy enough to be Sophie...

    3. Sophie would be singing I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.

    (That's not the real name but I don't know what it's called.)

    • It's called seven rings

  5. I would like to see Agatha and Sophie sing"Space between" from Descendants 2.

    Or "rotten to the core" sung by Hester,Anadil and Dot

    My dreamcast would be the Harry Potter cast

  6. Id choose

    MUSICAL:toy story

    SONG:you've got a friend in me with agatha and sophie.

    CAST:me as hester,we look alike

    Everyone else:NO IDEA

  7. This is just for fun: I personally think the original descendents movie would be a good mash-up with SGE. I think rotten to the core could be sung by the people/Elders of Gavaldon.

    Cast: ??? (I'm out of the loop.)

    • I would have Annie from Tomorrow be the mash- up and for the dream cast it would be the Harry Potter cast and for the third question I would have Sophie singing by herself in a dream that she had.

  8. I would choose the musical Wicked.

    Some possible options:

    Popular- with Agatha and Sophie.I

    What is this feeling - again, Agatha and Sophie

    Something Bad - With Agatha and Sophie singing together, and Hort as the sheep/ram/lamb.

    I'm not that girl - Agatha and Sophie as the lead/main singers, while others characters (tedros, dot, chaddick, etc.) gradually join in.


    Sophie: Jordyn Jones or Ruby Rose Turner

    Agatha: me (I have lots of experience in acting and me and Agatha act and look alike),

    Tedros: Jacob Hopkins

  9. I would love to see the Lion King because it works with the whole “lion and the snake” idea. Tedros as Simba, Agatha as Nala, and Dot as Pumba Japheth as Scar.

    The song would be “I just can’t wait to be king” sung by Tedros

  10. I would love to see the lion king because it works with the whole “lion and the snake” idea. Tedros as Simba, Agatha as Nala, and Dot as Pumba Japheth as Scar

    The song would be “I just can’t wait to be king” sung by Tedros

    • Sorry I double clicked that

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