13th April 2019

Hi all! Hope you guys have been enjoying the SGE x Hamilton video we put out this week.

In addition to our “Write Your Own SGE Rap” contest, we wanted to announce a new Special Assignment!

For 50 points, give us your best SGE x Musical mash-up, answering these three questions:

  • What musical would you love to see mashed-up with SGE?

  • What would your fantasy cast for this production be?

  • Give us the name of a musical number you’d have in your show. What characters would be in it, and what would they be singing/dancing about?

Looking forward to reading all your mash-ups, and have fun!



  1. Ok you guys, stay with me

    question #1- Wicked, It could be like, SGE in Oz! The North and South for Good, and the East and West for Evil.

    question #2- I would want Emma Watson to be Glinda, even if Emma's hair is a little more brown. Or Michelle Williams as Glinda!

    Zac Efron has to be in it. I dont care who he is, he just has to be.

    I know she isnt very famous, and you probaly dont know her, but...SOFIA CARSON AS ELPHABA!

    question #3- Agatha is sad that she isnt pretty, so Sophie gives her a makeover and sings "Popular"

    Then she goes around loving that everyone likes her, until she goes to Sophie and sings "Im not that girl"

    I hope yall like my idea! :)

  2. 1.) Dear Evan Hansen! It could work, lol.

    2.) Idk whoever is chosen to be in the movie can be the characters. Tedros would be Evan Hansen. Agatha would be Zoe. I could see Nicola as Alana. Maybe Sophie could be one of the moms.

    3.) this is in no particular order:

    Words fail: Tedros to Agatha (book 3?)

    Good for you: Agatha and Sophie (after the end of book 2)

    Only us: Agatha and Tedros (book 1)

    That’s just a few that I thought of right away!


  3. 1. I was thinking maybe Phantom of the Opera.

    2. For Sofie Amiah Miller, and for Rafal Lucky Blue Smith.

    3. All I ask of you. Rafal would be singing it to Sofie when he is trying to get her to marry him.

  4. Ok. Mine is really stupid. I’m thinking Mulan.

    Sophie: Sabrina Carpenter

    Agatha: Sophie Carson (she looked much younger than she really is)

    Tedros: Jacob Hopkins

    I’ll make a man out of you: Arthur talking to Tedros or a teacher talking to the boys

    Reflections: Sophie feeling like she is not being good enough for her mom

    Honor to us all: The people talking about Sophie. Ex. She will totally bring us honor

    A girl worth fighting for: The boys sword fighting as deciding who to give their rose to.

    • You are not the only one. Same idea here.

    • maybe harry potter and SGE. Hogwarts school for good and evil?


    • I was literally just thinking that!!!

  5. 1. Hamilton (Stay with me here XD)

    2. Any one that looks like them, I don't know of any celebraties.

    3. Not in any specific order:

    You'll Be Back- Rafal to Sophie in Book 3

    Hurricane- Sophie going back to Rafal in book 3

    History Has It's Eyes On You- Book 5 (I don't want to spoil anything about that scene, but hopefully you'll know.)

    Blows Us All Away- Tedros all throughout the books, trying to live up to his father's legacy.

    Helpless/Satisfied- Sophie liking Tedros and at a few points totally not being jealous of Agatha, and totally not wanting Tedros for herself.

    • AHHHHH!!!! YESSSSSS, “you’ll be back” is the BESTEST. I love Hamilton so much, I can’t say no to this. I may have a slight obsession.....


  6. 1. Mean Girls

    2. Me as Agatha, my friend Clare as Sophie

    3. World Burn sung by Sophie or Apex Predator sung by Agatha or Revenge Party sung by Sophie and the coven

    • Cool!

  7. 1. Wicked! because it would work quite well

    2. Me as a small part, my friend Sophie as Sophie, my friend Vicki as Hester, (she will thank me for that), I'm not really sure who would be Aggie.

    3. I would probably include madhouse by little mix in there somewhere.

  8. Definitely The Sound of Music (time-travel, anyone? ;) )

    Again, you'd need to time-travel for the original cast, plue my friend Katie as Sophie, my other friend Amelia as Aggie and my friend Francis as Tedros

    Well, My Favourite Things, obviously, and the other songs, and Something Just Like This from Teddy to Aggie

    • It would be the SoM characters in the SGE world with the main plot of SGE and mayeb a side plot involving Liesl falling in love with a pirate like she falls in love with Rolfe in the SoM

  9. wicked

    sophie hated elphabas skin color

    popular with shophie singing instead of glinda

  10. 1. Wicked

    2. Sophie- My friend Julia (she'd have to grow her hair out first)

    3. I Want More- Sophie will sing it in Gavaldon, like Belle in the Live Action production

    • Maybe a Harry Potter and SGE mix thing. Hogwarts school for good and evil

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