13th April 2019

Hi all! Hope you guys have been enjoying the SGE x Hamilton video we put out this week.

In addition to our “Write Your Own SGE Rap” contest, we wanted to announce a new Special Assignment!

For 50 points, give us your best SGE x Musical mash-up, answering these three questions:

  • What musical would you love to see mashed-up with SGE?

  • What would your fantasy cast for this production be?

  • Give us the name of a musical number you’d have in your show. What characters would be in it, and what would they be singing/dancing about?

Looking forward to reading all your mash-ups, and have fun!



  1. I wonder

    • The School Of Good and Evil is separate as the sky and enemies form

  2. Wicked

    Sophie as Glinda

    Agatha as Elphaba

    Tedros as fiyero

    Hort as Boq

    And the song for good with Sophie and Agatha


    • that would be AMAZING!

  3. I would, without a doubt go for Heathers. I don’t quite know how I would cast it, there are two ideas one could follow, being Agatha as Veronica Sawyer or Sophie as Veronica Sawyer.

    First, Aggie. JD would be Sophie (Agatha open the DOOR!), and Beatrix, Kiko and Tedros would be the Heathers. Chaddick would be one of the jocks. My casting for Aggie isn’t great.

    For Sophie, however, I have this mapped out! Aggie is Martha Dunstop, The Coven are the Heathers, Chaddick and Tedros are our jocks, and Rafal plays JD. I am basing this off of first book for cast.

    The musical number would.honestly.clap. Like, can you imagine Hester just telling Anadil to shut up so she could hit the riff in Candy Store?

    Heathers is rather X Rated in terms of musicals, but I think it would work. Dot could sing lifeboat and make everyone cry, Tedros gets to flirt with Aggie and Sophie in big fun, Rafal gets to weasel his way in Sophie’s head, it just works so well in my head. So yeah

  4. Alright!

  5. For good would be good i guess...

    ME as sophie i duncare bout the others lol


  6. well, this isn’t a musical, but having sophie you should see me in a crown by Billie Eilish

    • ^^

  7. hellow guys

  8. Mean Girls would work them singing the three plastics. Agatha as Caty; Shope as Regina; Tedros as Aaron; Hort as Gretchen; Dot as Karen; Beatrix as Janis; and ME as Darian.

  9. A super hero theme. Captain Marvel as Sophie. Wonder Woman as Agatha. Captain America as Hort. Wolverine as Tedros. Sophie could sing "Rewrite the Stars" from the greatest showman. Agatha could sing... "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift. Hort could sing "Sunflower". Tedros could sing Old Town Road by Lil Nas

    • You're a time traveler! It is currently 5:15 and your time stamp says 5:25. YOU HAVE BENT TIME AND SPACE! YOU HAVE FOUND THE CRYSTAL!

    • Retract that. Apparently, it is just a different time zone. So, never mind that last comment.

    • Sorry to just bug you with all of this, but it is still 5 MINUTES OFF! SO I AM A TIME TRAVELER, STILL!

    • Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman because they are from different universes completely and never meet each other ever? Like how Sophie and Agatha never really see eye to eye and seem like they also come from different universes?

  10. I would want it to be a regular every-day life theme. For Sophie I would choose my sister, Skylar. She is so nice and I think she would make a great Sophie. For Agatha I think Mavis, from Hotel Transylvania. For Tedros, I think Nick Cannon. I would have the first book in my musical. Agatha would be singing ...Ready For It? By Taylor Swift, and Sophie would be singing an Arianna Grande Song. And I'm also loving your books!!!! I just can't wait to see them in a movie one day!!!!!!!:)

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