13th April 2019

Hi all! Hope you guys have been enjoying the SGE x Hamilton video we put out this week.

In addition to our “Write Your Own SGE Rap” contest, we wanted to announce a new Special Assignment!

For 50 points, give us your best SGE x Musical mash-up, answering these three questions:

  • What musical would you love to see mashed-up with SGE?

  • What would your fantasy cast for this production be?

  • Give us the name of a musical number you’d have in your show. What characters would be in it, and what would they be singing/dancing about?

Looking forward to reading all your mash-ups, and have fun!



  1. Mary Poppins!

    With Hort as Bert and Sophie as Mary!

    And I would kind of like a sort of book 2 theme.

  2. MEAN GIRLS!!!!!!!! anyone would be fine. And... Meet the plastics!

    • Oh and Sophie's actions in book one.

  3. Mash up? Musical? Just cause Sophie is a main and is a drama queen do they now expect Nevers to sing? I think it should be like Harty potter NO SONGS except the theme which me and one of my bffs who I call Ani and she calls me hes/Hester as does my other BFF who I call dot was even creating a theme for fun me and ani mean

  4. I think it should be about how you want to be good but you also want to be evil. Than the story of Sophie and Agatha.

  5. I love FAUNNIGHTNGALE's idea !!!

    I just watched les miserable

    sooooo good

  6. :-(

    • I mean :-)

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  8. I would do a mash up of Les Miserbles (not the plot, just the songs) Sophie feeling evil, and trying to be good. I would love to have Michal Williams as Sophie, and Hugh Jackman, and the ensemble from hamilton.

  9. I'd love to see a musical of SGE (after the movie, of course.) I NEED Emma Stone to play as Hester, it won't happen but I wish it would.

  10. into the woods would be as great mashup as everyone. is going to the woods of beyond.

    Zendaya,Zac Effron, Emma stone, Emma watson .

    10/15 and it would be a dance themed like Billy Elliot.

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