11th January 2019

Hyped about the Book 5 Trailer? Brain clicking and whirring like a Rube Goldberg machine?

Now’s your chance to channel all that excitement!

For 70 extra credit points, come up with your best theory of what’s going down in Book 5, backing your claims with evidence from the Book 5 Trailer:

The best theories will be chosen after the Book 5 release and showered with honor and glory on EverNever TV.

So slip on your detective-caps, grab your magnifying glasses, and let us know what spoilers we might’ve let slip in the trailer!

As always, please keep your language clean (no swear words or other offensive language), the content PG, and have fun! And points are only given for the first comment.

Happy Hunting!


  1. Agatha steals a time orb. Sophie is being told by evil princes what to do. Tedros turns into a werewolf. Tedros also fights Captain Hook and Captain Hook's Minions. The people from the town fight the people from school. The schoolmaster is back and making all the bad things happen.

  2. Tedros wins the thrown back again.

  3. Reaper becomes king

    • Agatha and Tedros get married

    • I think that since there are snakes circling around a statue that looks like Sophie, and since there are two of them, I am assuming that that resembles Rhian and Japeth always watching and circling around her every move. you can also see the lady of the lake in one scene and she seems pretty angry which most likely means that she is featured in the book and the students must have somehow provoked her. also, i think that this all comes back to Dovey's crystal ball some way or another

  4. I read the book a while ago but couldn't find a lot of similarities between the book and the trailer. With the other books I found a lot of similarities between the books and trailers but this one had me stumped. Like who was the person underwater? And the lady inside the crystal ball?

    • I think the lady in the crystal ball is Sophie

  5. i fell like Sophie is going to have to become Rhian's queen under like a threat. I also think that tedious might get hurt in some way that he losing most of his friends. I also think that here is going to be a new character where they came control the time.

  6. I feel like Rhian here is not a good guy along with Tedros being accused and sentenced I think this is all a tie in

  7. I honestly have NO IDEA

  8. I think that Merlin is going to have something happen to him because I saw his hat

  9. I think Rhian is actually the Snake & that Tedros will need to fight for his throne.

  10. I think that Rhian is evil and him and the snake are connected some how. sophie did except Rhian's purpose because she thought it was for love. That's what I thought

    • I think Sophie is a terrible friend and tedious should see that Agatha is good

    • I think tedros should see Agatha and Sophie as good because if he Sophie as good then she wouldn’t turn into a witch

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