11th January 2019

Hyped about the Book 5 Trailer? Brain clicking and whirring like a Rube Goldberg machine?

Now’s your chance to channel all that excitement!

For 70 extra credit points, come up with your best theory of what’s going down in Book 5, backing your claims with evidence from the Book 5 Trailer:

The best theories will be chosen after the Book 5 release and showered with honor and glory on EverNever TV.

So slip on your detective-caps, grab your magnifying glasses, and let us know what spoilers we might’ve let slip in the trailer!

As always, please keep your language clean (no swear words or other offensive language), the content PG, and have fun! And points are only given for the first comment.

Happy Hunting!


  1. Sophie gets manipulated by Rhian, wich leads her to believe that tedros and Agatha are evil. Agatha gets help to overthrow Rhian and Sophie, then saving tedros, but things don’t go quite how she expects them to...

  2. Sophie chooses to side with Rhian and helps him rule. She becomes consumed by the idea of using time to bring back Lady Lesso, and realises the best way to do so is to prove her trust to Rhian.

    But there is only one way to do that....

    She must kill Tedros.

  3. im afraid merlin dies. something tells me thats going to happen on book 5, but i really hope im wrong. i think agatha looks for help and will find it either on an old character that wasnt present for a long time or on a new character (that would be interesting). and i think she learns how to use dovey’s magical crystal ball and maybe even fixes it. ahh, and i think that lake lady appears and is convinced to help by agatha. poor sophie is scared to death in the beginning but later gets more confident and uses her position to help her friends, pretending she’s on rhian’s side.

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