11th January 2019

Hyped about the Book 5 Trailer? Brain clicking and whirring like a Rube Goldberg machine?

Now’s your chance to channel all that excitement!

For 70 extra credit points, come up with your best theory of what’s going down in Book 5, backing your claims with evidence from the Book 5 Trailer:

The best theories will be chosen after the Book 5 release and showered with honor and glory on EverNever TV.

So slip on your detective-caps, grab your magnifying glasses, and let us know what spoilers we might’ve let slip in the trailer!

As always, please keep your language clean (no swear words or other offensive language), the content PG, and have fun! And points are only given for the first comment.

Happy Hunting!


  1. I think that Sophie is going to try to kill Rhian but she can't bring herself to do it

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