Starbucks Squatting, Shiny New Site Things, & Even More Answers

7th June 2015

Hi, Evs and Nevs!

I’m writing to you from Starbucks right now since I just moved to a new apartment and we don’t have our wi-fi set up yet.  In fact, we can’t set it up because the place we’re staying in is only temporary.  Our real apartment is still being renovated (uh… even though we were told it would be ready by now).

So, no Internet unless we schlep down the street to Starbucks.  We can’t unpack anything because we’ll just have to pack again to move into our actual apartment — whenever that will be.  Also, none of the electrical outlets in my room work.  And we can’t cook in our kitchen because we can’t turn on the gas.  And the tub drains so slowly that I always end up standing ankle-deep in water, no matter how quickly I shower.

It’s exactly as fun as it sounds.

It could definitely be worse — I could be homeless and wandering the streets like Fantine — but.  When you move you want everything to be perfect and amazing and this is… not… that.


Anyway.  Life goes on!  We’re hard at work on the first few episodes of EverNever TV right now.  ENTV team member Ramon is masterminding a lot of the editing and he’ll be helping us shoot a lot of footage.  You’ll see him onscreen as well!

Also, have you guys seen the amazing trailer for Book 3???  Check it out if you haven’t:



What do you think??  EPIC, right?  And now that that’s been released, we’re going to launch the new website this week.

The good news is that if you already have an account and you’ve given yourself a nickname that’s NOT your email address, you’ll be able to keep using your regular login!  Otherwise, you’ll have to sign up all over again.  We’ve also fixed things so that you can choose your own username.

One small note: if you’re wondering where the original Open Chat Forum went, we had to temporarily archive it! Everything is still there; we’ve just made the post private.

Long story short, it used up a LOT of server power — more than we’re allowed to use — and the folks who host threatened to shut down the entire site if we didn’t cut back. For now the best way to keep the site running is to archive it, but we’re working out a long-term solution so we can bring the post back.

Answers to your other burning questions:

Sebastian: Unfortunately, I think only one account is allowed per email address.  I’ll ask about this for you to make sure, but I’m fairly certain that’s the case!

Jaz: You should be able to use your RP name on the new site!

Oksa: Yes, the site will simply update to the new version when it officially launches.  So, if you’re waiting around and you happen to refresh the page at the right time, the page will refresh to the new version!

Doe: The Reader Gallery will definitely be transferred, although that process might happen a tad more slowly — partly because we’re updating to a completely new system and partly because there’s a LOT of artwork to copy over.  And the RP section will be pretty easy to find in the forum, don’t worry. 😉

Jayne: Yes, there’s definitely still a blog!  You’ll be able to read all of our posts, old and new.  To answer your other question, Soman doesn’t visit schools exclusively during his tours.  Sometimes he also stops at bookstores!

Jane: The RP section of the forum on the new site will be totally empty and brand-new, if you want to jump in!

Selena: For this version of the site, you won’t be taking actual classes.  Maybe in the future, though!

Also, don’t forget that you still have a couple of days to enter the Spin-off Contest!  Prizes for the winners to be announced.

And now I think I need to shuffle home; I’m getting the stink-eye for lingering at Starbucks so long.  Until next time!  Have a fabulous week and here’s your song of the day:



  1. I am not a real fan of cats, but I care for them equally as canines!!! :)

  2. Almost done with Book 2 and I'm moving on to Book 3 very soon.

  3. I didn't know you guys all lived together. Soman said on ENTV that it was his apartment and I thought you guys just got together to film the episodes at his house. Whoops. It sucks the apartment isn't done yet. I had a renovator at my house because we were adding on a porch, but it caused the house to be freezing all the time. My dad wouldn't let us turn on the heat because there was a hole in the wall and "I'm not going to pay to heat the whole world". It was the middle of winter and we had two feet of snow out too.

  4. love the trailer haha

  5. Hello everyone! I'm new to this website!

  6. Yayy

  7. EPIC book trailer!

  8. You always come up with such creative titles. "Starbucks Squatting"? Awesome!

  9. YAY I really like the trailer

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