The School for Good and Evil: 6 Years of Magic

8th November 2019


  1. Magic!!!

  2. 1) *Berry and I sit down with a plate full of goldfish to snack on*

    I think this is a good place to start catching up on all the ENTV we've missed, right?

    "Yeah. Man, 6 years? The first book came out back in, like...2013?? Wait, when did WE first get into it?"

    I think it was the summer after 4th grade. Which...I think was 2014? Yeah, yeah, it was 2014.

    "And we're in 10th grade now. In the first month of the roaring 20s."

    Daaaang. It's been a long time. SO much stuff has happened in those 6 years.


    *we take a moment to just think about that*


    "Let's just click 'play' now, shall we?""


    2) You're gonna premiere WHAT?



    4) "OOOOOOH something to show people that'll convince them to read SGE???? Yes PLEASE!"

    5) (*O*) "(*O*)"


    *Berry's squealing* "YES!!!!!"

    6) (*O*) (*O*) (*O*)

    "(*O*) (*O*) (*O*) "

    7) (*O*) (*O*) (*O*) (*O*) (*O*)

    "(*O*) (*O*) (*O*) (*O*) (*O*) "

    *you get the idea, we're basically just watching the whole thing slack-jawed and starry-eyed*

    8) *THAT part of this video ends*

    *i start applauding* WOO!!!!! YEAHAAAAAAH!!!!

    *Berry's applauding too, bouncing up and down in her seat* "EEEEEEEEEE!!!!"





    *we continue applauding and cheering and whooping for some time*


    "Sparkling wings, that was amazing!!"

    I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!

    "We really, REALLY do need to show this to people! As many as we possibly can! Seriously!"


    "It's just so...aaaugh, I don't even have the WORDS!"


    "THAT'S it! You said it, buddy! Wow. Just. Wow."



    9) "Yeah! This fandom, really, REALLY has given it a life of its own, hasn't it?"

    Understatement of the century, dude. Understatement of the FRICKIN' CENTURY.

    10) RAMON!!!

    "Aaahhh, it's so good to see him again!"

    11) Whaaat?

    "I can't even IMAGINE Ramon being totally serious."

    Yeah, he's like, the biggest goofball of the ENTV squad in these videos, my brain just like...CANNOT see him any other way.

    "Welp. Everything and everycreature's got hidden depths. Haven't we learned anything from these books?"

    12) Aaaand that's the end! Time to go to the next video!


  3. This video is so amazing! It shows us that we are not the only people who are crazy for SGE. I'm really proud to be an SGE fan!

    • Ever Never Army for LIFE

    • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aww, this video almost made me cry!! And I cannot stop watching it! I am really proud to be a part of the SGE community! Love you guys!

    • We love you too!

  5. i'm gonna keep reading and writing. I'm gonna keep sge in me

  6. awwww

  7. Truly agree with this heading!!!

  8. I have had 6 years of non magic

    The magic only exisited when I was reading SGE, now it's all over

  9. I just watched this a second time and now I relize that when the books end, It will all basicly be over. : (

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