The School for Good & Evil named to B&N’s Best of 2013

10th November 2013

Barnes & Nobles has named THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD & EVIL one of its Best of 2013! Check out the store display in the Children & Teen’s sections when you visit any of its nationwide stores.



  1. love uwu

  2. Other than The School for Good and Evil I have read two other books on that shelf - Theodore Boone and Spirit Animals.

  3. bob the alien? did you hide the puzzle piece here?

    • It’s a great place to hide it.

  4. Wow. You deserved it soman.!

    Sge is so old I thought the 1st came out in 2016 not 2013 and wonder I still that old too!

    • Wonder is that old too

  5. well deserved!

  6. i think I'v been to that library in the picture, it looks familiar...

  7. Congratulations in Book 1 being the most liked and I hope the other books would be like that too...


  9. Cool

  10. I love B&N! I love to see and smell all the books there! I know the word smell sound weird, but I love the smell of books!

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