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Soman Chainani’s first two novels, THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL and A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES, debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List and have been translated into 23 languages across six continents. THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL will soon be a major motion picture from Universal Studios, produced by Joe Roth (SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, OZ THE GREAT & POWERFUL) and Jane Startz (TUCK EVERLASTING, ELLA ENCHANTED).

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School GatesThe Thorn Forest and the School for Good and Evil are separated by these spiked, golden gates, which can only be opened by the School Master and faculty.
Great LawnIf you can't swim across Halfway Bay, the distance around the lake from the Great Lawn to either of the schools is more than 2 miles.
Evil ShoreUpon arrival, new Never students are dropped into the sludgy, icky moat on the Evil side of Halfway Bay, where they must make their way to shore—if they can survive the sharp-toothed crogs swimming beneath their feet.
Good ShoreThe Good side of Halfway Bay is a crystal clear lake separated from the moat by the School Master's tower. Be careful of Fergus, the magical wave that prevents Nevers from swimming into Ever territory...
Endless WoodsEver and Never Kingdoms are shrouded in the Endless Woods, which combines forest, jungle, tundra, desert, and every other magical landscape imaginable. A narrow trail leads through the entire Woods, connecting each kingdom.
School for EvilOnly the darkest-hearted of villains are kidnapped to the School for Evil, where you'll take classes like Uglification, Henchmen Training, Curses & Death Traps, History of Villainy, and Villain Talents.
School for GoodOnly the purest and lightest of hearts are accepted into the School for Good, where you'll take classes like Beautification, Good Deeds, and Animal Communication.
Halfway BridgeThe two schools are connected by this narrow stone bridge, which is divided by an invisible barrier. Try to cross the barrier and you'll come face to face with your most dangerous enemy… yourself.
School Master's TowerNo one knows if the School Master is Good or Evil; he wears a mask and lives in this tower, which he rarely leaves, choosing instead to watch over the Storian as it writes its latest tale.
The ClearingA smooth, lovely field, where the students of Good and Evil have lunch every afternoon. Needless to say, Evers eat with Evers and Nevers with Nevers, with a clear dividing line between the schools.
Tunnel of TreesThese tangly, twisty passages lead students from the Clearing back into their respective castles after lunch. But it's often where students hide for secret rendezvous: mischievous, romantic… or both.
Blue ForestA forest made up of every blue shade imaginable. It's a simulation of the Endless Woods, where students can train safely without fear of being killed… in theory.
MaliceEvil tower for boys and girls. Home of Hester, Anadil, Dot, and Sophie.
MischiefEvil tower for boys and girls.
ViceEvil tower for boys and girls.
PurityGood tower for girls. Home of Agatha.
CharityGood tower for girls.
HonorGood tower for boys. Home of Tedros.
ValorGood tower for boys.

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What inspired Soman to write THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL? Will there be a movie based on the series? Which school would Soman be in? All of the answers to your most frequently-asked questions can be found here!


Universal Pictures acquired the rights to make THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL into a live-action feature film. The novel is currently being adapted into a screenplay for Universal. Stay tuned for the launch of this page for all the latest SGE Movie news, fantasy casting, and more!

The Storian

Soman is a graduate of the MFA Film Program at Columbia University, and the recipient of the school’s top prize, the FMI Fellowship for Writing and Directing. His short films, DAVY & STU and KALI MA, have played over 150 international film festivals, won over 30 jury and audience awards, and racked up over 1,000,000 YouTube hits. His writing awards include honors from Big Bear Lake, the Sun Valley Writer’s Fellowship, and the coveted Shasha Grant, awarded by a jury of international film executives. He was also nominated for a NewNowNext Award, sponsored by MTV.


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