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SOMAN’S BLOG: B&N Collector’s Edition… Book 5 Cover & Other Updates… Brazil… Spring Tour Schedule… and More!

Hey Evs and Nevs, Whooo! It’s a busy time at SGE Headquarters. I just polished off Part 1 of Book 5: A CRYSTAL OF TIME — Chapters 1-17 — and it really feels like the best work I’ve done in the series so far, just because of how rich and complex it is. Took me […]

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CONTEST: Beauty/Ugly Routines

Hey Evs and Nevs! CONTEST TIME. For this one, Dean Sophie would like everyone to submit ideas for new face care routines that she will force — er, strongly suggest every student adopt. Feel free to submit a routine for either Beautification or Uglification. Or both! Have you heard rumors about the secret anti-wrinkle benefits of nymph spit? […]

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