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SOMAN’S BLOG: First Peek at Book 5… Movie Update… Las Vegas… and More!

Hey Evs and Nevs, It’s your resident author here, and things are wildly busy as usual. Luckily it’s a holiday weekend, so I got a couple days of rest for the first time in a very long time — I did a school visit in Naples, Florida… then went to Las Vegas to meet my […]

JUN’S BLOG (feat. Hort): Survival Challenge Finals + Pre-Match Commentary

It’s that time, Evers and Nevers, the Finals of the Book 5 Survival Challenge have come!!! After many pitched battles, two champions have emerged, and it’s looking like a battle for the books. In one corner of the ring, we have AGATHA, Champion of Evers, the Gargoyle Whisper, Freer of the Wish-Fish, and Queen […]

CONTEST: Recap Challenge

Hey there Evs & Nevs! We have a new contest for you guys — the RECAP CHALLENGE. This is a contest where you guys have ONE PAGE to summarize the events of the SGE Books 1 ~ 4, using the Template we provide for you. You can draw, paint, collage, Photoshop on the Template — […]

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