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SOMAN’S BLOG: Ramping Up, Reader Love, News and Movie Updates, and More!

Hey Evs and Nevs, A super-quick blog, because as you know I have Book 4 to keep writing, because the release date is coming up and I’m a ways away from finishing! The good news is, Chapters 1-20 are into copyediting, which is Part 1 of the book, and it’s my favorite twenty chapters in […]


As you probably know by now, Book 4 in the SGE series will feature the characters going on a series of quests in order to finish out their education! Our Special Assignment for this week asks the question: What if they could go beyond the Endless Woods and meet people outside of the SGE universe? It […]

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SOMAN’S BLOG: Hanging in, New Websites, How to Handle United, and More!

Hey Evs and Nevs, It’s your resident, friendly Storian here, having my first calm day in a while. I’ve been furiously working to polish off Part 1 of the book, Chapters 1-20, and make them perfect for copyediting, while I move onto Part 2. And it’s nearly there. As you get to the end of […]

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