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JUN’S BLOG POST: Recent Website Glitches

Hi everyone! Jun here, with some updates on recent website glitches. So currently, the ability to make new posts in the forums is down, and our tech-team is actively looking for a solution. We initially designed this website for a much smaller user-base, so as this user-base grows beyond the original capacity of the website, […]

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT: Beasts & Beauty Theories

Ahoy Evs & Nevs — it’s Special Assignment time! On February 2nd, 2021, Soman revealed the title and cover of his next book, Beasts & Beauty: Dangerous Tales, coming September 28th, 2021: This is Soman’s first book since the School for Good & Evil series — a re-telling of classic fairytales… each one with a twist. The question now […]

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