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CONTEST TIME. For this one, we’d like you guys to imagine a scene you think will be in Book 4 and illustrate it! Do you think Reaper will sprout wings? Or Sophie will go bald and warty? Draw it! You can sketch it, paint it, doodle it (seriously, even stick figures are fine), build a diorama […]

No Blog From Soman

Hi Evs and Nevs, No blog from Soman this week since he’s busy, busy, busy with Book 4 revisions, but you’ll see him on EverNever TV! We also have a brand-new contest up, which you can check out OVER HERE. ~JoAnn

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SOMAN’S BLOG: Movie Voodoo Prayer Call, Book 4 Scandals, Snow Blues, and More!

Hey folks, It’s that point in Book 4 where my brain is just tired, so I’ll take my first day off tomorrow in a long, long time. Or at least half a day off. But good news is, it’s coming along great — I’m starting Chapter 20, which means I’m about 2/3 through the book. And […]

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Hey, Evs and Nevs! Here in NYC we’re getting snowed in for the next few days, it looks like — so we’re putting up a SNOW DAY-themed special assignment. Obviously, an excess of snow means going outside and getting into epic snow wars. So! For 20 extra credit points, comment on this post and fill out […]

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