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CONTEST: Good & Evil Face Masks

Greetings, dearest Evs and Nevs!  We hope you’re all staying safe, healthy, and virtuous or wicked as the case may be. The world right now is going through a pretty dark and scary time – and in the face of fighting such uncertainty, fear, and injustice, it can be challenging not to lose our sense […]


Greetings Evs & Nevs — it’s Special Assignment time! As we near the end of 2020, we’re embarking on a blast to the past and exploring the unsolved mysteries of Book 1. How did Professor Dovey and Lady Lesso meet? What exactly happened to Vex in the Doom Room? And what in the world was […]

GUEST BLOG: Introducing… Zuni!

Salutations, fellow SGE fans!  My name is Zuni and I’m a new SGE intern. I am, as must be self-evident, a proud member of the SGE fandom. I first discovered the books in a quaint London bookstore as a mere baby of 12, and now, seven years later, am still every bit as enthralled. I’m […]

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