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SOMAN’S BLOG: Movie Missions… Barnes & Noble Edition of Book 5… Fall Tour… and More!

Hey Evs and Nevs, Yeesh. What a wild week. I’m in LA for meetings on the movie. At the same time, I’m still tinkering with bits of Book 5 as we finish up copyediting. And the Supreme Court melodrama is even more insane than the Sophie-Tedros-Agatha triangle. So between movie, book, and the fireworks in […]

SOMAN’S BLOG: Book 5’s DONE!!!!… Movie News… Special Editions… Tour Dates… and More!

Hey Evs and Nevs, OMG. Book 5 is done. This is the picture I took the moment I finished it. I’m eating a popsicle on my roof and all the pages I’d marked up and tossed on the floor as I’d gone along were being blown by the wind and following me around. The picture […]

SOMAN’S BLOG: Old/Young Quiz is Up!… Movie Update… Book 5 Progress… Tour Dates… and More!

Hey Evs and Nevs, Sorry to be away for a while, as it’s been so busy these last couple weeks. First thing’s first — THE OLD/YOUNG QUIZ IS UP! JoAnn worked hard on it and it’s completely amazing. You’ll be able to see which school you would have been in during Rafal’s third-year takeover. To […]

GUEST BLOG: Jamie’s Week as an ENTV Intern!

Hi Evers and Nevers! I’m Jamie, but you may know me as @Snail_Jam.SGE on Instagram. I know that usually JoAnn or Soman is the one who writes school news here, but today it’s me! I was able to fly up to New York for the exciting opportunity of interning for a week with Soman and […]

SOMAN’S BLOG: WriteOut in Utah… Book 5 Exclusives… Fall Events… and More!

Hey Evs and Nevs, A quick blog from beautiful Utah, where I’m part of Ally Condie’s spectacular WRITE OUT, a camp for teenage writers, who come from all over the place to work with a group of authors and learn some of the tips and trade of writing. The counselors this year are Ally (MATCHED), […]

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