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JAMIE’S BLOG: Thoughts on Casting

Hello Evers and Nevers, It’s Jamie Trope (, the Ever Never TV intern and SGE Movie Ambassador once again writing for the SGE website. I’m writing this guest blog to speak about The School for Good and Evil movie – more specifically, its casting! I’m in awe of the casting decisions made by the Netflix […]

JUN’S BLOG POST: Recent Website Glitches

Hi everyone! Jun here, with some updates on recent website glitches. So currently, the ability to make new posts in the forums is down, and our tech-team is actively looking for a solution. We initially designed this website for a much smaller user-base, so as this user-base grows beyond the original capacity of the website, […]

SOMAN’S BLOG: The News is Out! Casting Reveal for SOPHIE & AGATHA in the SGE Movie!!!

It’s official. Director Paul Feig has chosen his Sophie and Agatha for THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL movie, and I could not be more excited. Sophia Anne Caruso as Sophie and Sofia Wylie as Agatha. Two towering talents. An absolute dream cast and perfect pair. Get ready for the fairy tale ride of your […]

GUEST BLOG: Introducing… Zuni!

Salutations, fellow SGE fans!  My name is Zuni and I’m a new SGE intern. I am, as must be self-evident, a proud member of the SGE fandom. I first discovered the books in a quaint London bookstore as a mere baby of 12, and now, seven years later, am still every bit as enthralled. I’m […]

SOMAN’S BLOG: Presenting “RED SCHOOL”! Plus Secret Book 2021, SGE Movie, and More!

Hey Evs and Nevs, And here you thought everything was over! ONE TRUE KING was done. The series at an end. Soman in his grave, never to yield anything ever again… move on to Minecraft and the new Shawn Mendes album and other things… But no. That’s not how things roll here in the Ever […]

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