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SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT: How did you discover the books?

Hi Evs and Nevs! For 30 extra credit points, tell us in the comments how you found out about the SGE series! Did you pick it up on your own? Did someone introduce it to you?

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CONTEST: SGE Valentines

Hey Evs and Nevs! For this contest, we’d like you to make Valentines for characters from THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL. Each Valentine must be made by you and written in character. What kind of Valentine would Tedros send to Agatha? Or Nicola to Hort? The pairing you choose does not have to be […]

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CONTEST: SGE New Year’s Resolutions

CONTEST TIME. For this one, we want you guys to pick one or two characters from the books and come up with ONE New Year’s Resolution for them. You can write in their voice, or act as the Storian and make a Resolution for them! Example: SOPHIE – Invent a new Never beauty regimen every three […]

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Contest time!! For this one, we’d like you guys to pick your favorite, EPIC SCENES from the SGE series. Think about dramatic moments that you’d see immortalized in paintings, mosaics, and stained glass windows, but also in more modern forms like street art, murals on the sides of buildings, and collages. Examples: Tedros’ coronation scene from Book 4 […]

CONTEST: Ship Wedding Announcements

Contest time!! For this one, we want you guys to write out a wedding announcement for a ship, AKA a romantic couple. Or, if it’s for a pair of Nevers, an ANTI-announcement! Pretend that you’re writing up a submission for the Camelot Courier or the Royal Rot — or perhaps even a different newspaper altogether. […]

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