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CONTEST: Recap Challenge

Hey there Evs & Nevs! We have a new contest for you guys — the RECAP CHALLENGE. This is a contest where you guys have ONE PAGE to summarize the events of the SGE Books 1 ~ 4, using the Template we provide for you. You can draw, paint, collage, Photoshop on the Template — […]


It’s time. Your favorite character needs your vote to survive Book 5, A Crystal of Time. We have 16 characters, matched up against each other. Now, you can vote based on what characters you love, vote based on who you think will actually survive to the end of Book 5, the important thing is you […]


Hyped about the Book 5 Trailer? Brain clicking and whirring like a Rube Goldberg machine? Now’s your chance to channel all that excitement! For 70 extra credit points, come up with your best theory of what’s going down in Book 5, backing your claims with evidence from the Book 5 Trailer: The best theories will be […]


Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again and Dean Sophie is putting on a huge holiday extravaganza. The problem? She’s a little short on musical numbers. (There can never be too many, of course.) So she’s opening up submissions! For 50 extra credit points, write your best SGE Holiday Jingle in the comments. Do […]

CONTEST: Fantasy Movie Casting

Hi Evs and Nevs! Time for a new contest! For this one, we want you to make a poster or digital image with your fantasy cast for the SGE movie, featuring images and choices for: Sophie Agatha Tedros Hort Lady Lesso Prof. Dovey School Master We’ll send the best ones to the producers and studio […]

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