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CONTEST: Predict the Next Sentence of Book 5 — A CRYSTAL OF TIME!

Hey Evs and Nevs, It’s your resident Storian here. Guess what: it’s contest time! And this one is for the super SGE fans, who’ve read the first 4 chapters of A CRYSTAL OF TIME, available in the US paperback edition of Book 4: QUESTS FOR GLORY, that you can order here: For this contest, […]

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Hi Evs and Nevs! It’s CONTEST TIME again, and for this one we want you to go all out and mock up covers for Book 5 ahead of our official reveal, which is coming up! As usual, we’re not judging based on artistic ability — we’re going purely off of creativity, originality, and/or how well you know […]

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CONTEST: Beauty/Ugly Routines

Hey Evs and Nevs! CONTEST TIME. For this one, Dean Sophie would like everyone to submit ideas for new face care routines that she will force — er, strongly suggest every student adopt. Feel free to submit a routine for either Beautification or Uglification. Or both! Have you heard rumors about the secret anti-wrinkle benefits of nymph spit? […]

CONTEST: Book 5 Title Hangman

Hi Evs and Nevs! CONTEST TIME. For this one, we’re asking you to guess the title for Book 5 before we reveal it on March 23rd. Below we have included an image of the title — with every letter but two removed. It’s up to you to fill in the blanks! The title has four […]

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT: How did you discover the books?

Hi Evs and Nevs! For 30 extra credit points, tell us in the comments how you found out about the SGE series! Did you pick it up on your own? Did someone introduce it to you?

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