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All right, Ever Never Army! You’ve seen us describe and play out the 20-Page SGE Dare — now it’s time for you to take it and report back to us! Comment below with your 20-Page Dare story for 50 extra credit points. We’ll be awarding an additional actual prize in the mail to the person with […]

CONTEST: Ship Wedding Announcements

Contest time!! For this one, we want you guys to write out a wedding announcement for a ship, AKA a romantic couple. Or, if it’s for a pair of Nevers, an ANTI-announcement! Pretend that you’re writing up a submission for the Camelot Courier or the Royal Rot — or perhaps even a different newspaper altogether. […]


CONTEST TIME. For this one, we want you guys to make art of a new character think will be in Book 4. Think any of the kids who applied to the School for Good and Evil in the Handbook are going to show up? Have theories about who’s in the QUESTS FOR GLORY trailer? Or ideas for […]

CONTEST: SGE Playlists

CONTEST TIME. We’ve noticed that you guys are big on music, so this one is all about picking tunes! Come up with a SGE-themed playlist — it can be for one of the characters, one of the romantic ships, the books in general, etc.! Please note that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PROVIDE LINKS. Just […]

CONTEST: SGE Book Selfies!

CONTEST TIME. For this one, we want you guys to take a picture of one or more of your SGE books (one at a time, all of them — whatever you’d like!) in a creative place. We’ve all seen books in backpacks or on shelves, but what about in the hollow of a tree? Or in a […]

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