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LAST EVER AFTER WEEK, Cupcake Tours, & Partying

Hi, Evs and Nevs! ONLY 1 MORE DAY UNTIL BOOK 3 IS RELEASED. Today I stepped inside a Barnes & Noble and snapped this: ALMOST THERE. I’m so excited for you guys to read it!! So many spoilers and secrets have been swirling around in my head for months now, and on Tuesday that knowledge will […]


Hey Evs and Nevs, I’ve had quite the travel schedule of late! As you know from last week’s blog, I was in San Francisco for the ALA Conference, then I was in Paris for vacation with a friend, then I was in New York for 12 hours, then I was at San Diego Comic Con, […]

LA Madness – Post Coming Tomorrow!

Hey folks, I’m in LA for movie meetings and I’ve basically been running around LA for the past 14 hours like a crazy person, with 8 more meetings tomorrow. But I promise to squeeze in my post tomorrow, along with news from Comic Con, the meme contest winners, movie news, and a countdown to Book […]

Blessings From the A/C Gods, Cat-Sitting, & General Madness

Hi, Evs and Nevs! Posting this blog entry in the middle of the night because I know tomorrow’s going to be hectic. How’s summer for you so far? I see a number of you are going to camp and other fun things! I sort of wish my parents had let me do sleepaway camp when […]

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