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New Blog Post Coming Tomorrow!

Hi guys! JoAnn here.  Sorry I had to take a break from blogging this week; I’ll be back next Sunday. And Soman will put up his post first thing tomorrow!! Right now he’s hanging out with JENNY HAN, whose amazing books TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE and P.S. I STILL LOVE YOU I’ve […]

EverNever TV: Episode 6

Happy watching, Evs and Nevs! Be sure to visit your Report Card page to learn how you can earn EXTRA POINTS for a Special Assignment related to this video!

London Signing, Report Card, EverNever TV Updates, New Series Research and More!

Hey folks, I’m sitting in my boiling apartment as usual, with Douggie nearby, releasing toxic doses of gas every fifteen minutes. His mom says she’s been feeding him garlic lately (um…) so the result is my nostrils have to pay the price. Ramon, JoAnn and I just filmed EverNever TV for this week, which is filled […]

EverNever TV On the Brain, Chatting, & What JoAnn’s Watching/Reading

Happy Sunday, Evs and Nevs! A few things: In case you missed it, here’s this past week’s episode of EverNever TV, which is about the Book 3 launch party!  It was lots of work, but also lots of fun.  So glad I got to meet @opalsauce, Sarah and her friend Marissa (apologies if I’ve misspelled your […]

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