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New Forums, Why there’s No Book 4 Right Now, EverNever TV Promotional Photos, Handbook Updates, and LEA Tour Details!

Hey Evs and Nevs, Finally I have some peace and quiet to think! After the whirlwind travel and the launch party and my parents visiting and then my friend visiting, the apartment is finally empty and my mind clear… … which means all focus goes on the Ever Never Handbook as well as the new […]

EverNever TV Tagline Contest!

Heya Evs and Nevs, For this weeks’ contest, YOU are responsible for creating the future tagline of EverNever TV, the show dedicated to all things Ever and Never. Will your tagline be Good or Evil or find the balance between both? Will it be serious or funny or dramatic? It’s all up to you. (If […]

Sunday Weirdness, Arts & Crafts Black Holes, Book 3 Aftermath, & Site Upkeep

Hi, Evs and Nevs! What a strange Sunday I’ve had. It’s not that anything odd happened, but I woke up this morning; worked for a bit; ate lunch; napped all afternoon (because I’m not a morning person); woke up again and read a little; fell into an Internet black hole for arts and crafts (there […]

First Week Glow, Handbook Release Date, Party Photos, Why Soman Can’t Win a Newbury, and a New Forums Poll

Hey Evs and Nevs, Every time I write you, there seems to be a heat wave happening here in NYC. Today it’s 95-degrees in my unairconditioned apartment (see previous blog posts for an explanation of that quirk), and I’ve just finished lunch after walking my friend Robert to the subway station. Robert lives in London […]

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