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Hey, Evs and Nevs! It’s JoAnn — just letting you know that Soman and the team are hard at work on the trailer for Book 3 tonight, so he has to push his usual Tuesday post to tomorrow instead. All of it will be worth the wait, I promise! ♥ Here’s a happy puppy to thank you […]

Mom Appreciation, Nurturing Projects, & Looking Ahead

Hello, Evs and Nevs! Happy Mother’s Day!  I couldn’t spend the day with mine, unfortunately, but we definitely have a FaceTime session planned.  If you have a mom or mom-type figure in your life who means a lot to you, I hope you got a chance to tell her how great she is! My mom […]

Blow the Cannons: Soman’s Done. Plus Cele-Funerals, JoAnn’s Website Teases, Trailer Slivers, Pre-Signed Book 3’s, and a Whole Lot More!

Hey Evs and Nevs, I’m alive. And more importantly… I’M DONE. That was the pic JoAnn took of me when I finished. It’s our half celebration / half funeral. Because when I was done, I thought I died. I don’t know how I’m done, but I’m done. I finished it on Friday in this mix […]

EverNever Pride, Surprise Gifts, & Super-Site Teasers

Happy Sunday, Evs and Nevs! Whew, sliding this post in under the wire after running all over the city today. I wasn’t literally running, but I did go from one end of Manhattan to the other — and back. All during the course of normal errands. (Like I’ve said, Adulting is hard.) Once I got […]

Soman’s Almost Done, Book 3 Trailer Peeks, Don’t Make Plans in June, and Why You Should Tag on Instagram

AHHH! Yes. I'm right in the middle of a war. Literally, figuratively, metaphorically. Chapter 34 is done. One more to go. I will finish. But man, what a journey this has been!

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