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LAST EVER AFTER Excitement, Sunny Days, & Stealthy Cosplay

Hello, Evs and Nevs! A couple of things, just to start: Obviously A Never, your Motto Contest entry will be considered but you did an excellent job of making it scary!  We’re omitting it from the Reader Gallery for the sake of readers who are more gentle-hearted.  Perhaps we should set up a special section […]

Soman on Tour, Phillippines Chart-Toppers, & A Space to Talk About Book 3!

Heya, I’m currently on tour and typing this from my phone, so no formal posting this week. (And for proof I’m on tour, here is a group selfie with fans I literally just took 8 seconds ago at a Costco in Dallas, TX:) But since the Book 2 paperback is out (!!!!), you should be reading […]

JoAnn Just Has A Lot of Feelings, Series Expansions, & Exciting Things

Hello, Evs and Nevs! Posting my blog entry a little early today since I have to play tour guide to some friends who are visiting this weekend, and I don’t know when I’d post otherwise.  Reading about your biggest fangirl moments in the comments of my last entry was so much fun.  You’re all perfectly within […]

Theory Winners, Post-SGE Fantasies, Figure 4, and a New Motto Contest!

Hey Evs and Nevs, Sorry for the post being a few hours later than usual! I wrote for almost 12 hours today (eep!), and then went to the hardest workout class ever, called Figure 4. It’s a one-hour brutalization at a ballet bar (some studios call it Barre Method), and you end up pouring sweat […]

Easter Treats & Fangirly Things

Happy Easter, Evs and Nevs! Did the Easter Bunny visit you today? It’s funny, my family always observes the holiday by going to church but my parents never gave me or my sisters baskets with chocolates and other goodies. I didn’t even know that was a thing until I got to college and realized all […]

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