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Blow the Cannons: Soman’s Done. Plus Cele-Funerals, JoAnn’s Website Teases, Trailer Slivers, Pre-Signed Book 3’s, and a Whole Lot More!

Hey Evs and Nevs, I’m alive. And more importantly… I’M DONE. That was the pic JoAnn took of me when I finished. It’s our half celebration / half funeral. Because when I was done, I thought I died. I don’t know how I’m done, but I’m done. I finished it on Friday in this mix […]

EverNever Pride, Surprise Gifts, & Super-Site Teasers

Happy Sunday, Evs and Nevs! Whew, sliding this post in under the wire after running all over the city today. I wasn’t literally running, but I did go from one end of Manhattan to the other — and back. All during the course of normal errands. (Like I’ve said, Adulting is hard.) Once I got […]

Soman’s Almost Done, Book 3 Trailer Peeks, Don’t Make Plans in June, and Why You Should Tag on Instagram

AHHH! Yes. I'm right in the middle of a war. Literally, figuratively, metaphorically. Chapter 34 is done. One more to go. I will finish. But man, what a journey this has been!

Tiny Hiatus

Hi, Evs and Nevs! Just wanted to drop a note to say that I’m alive and well. Thanks so much to everyone who expressed their concern! ♥ Soman and I have been swamped with the huge task of copy-editing Book 3 over the past few days, so I simply didn’t get a chance to type […]

Soman’s Whirlwind, Meeting Fans, Nick’s Wish Fish, Motto Winners, and a Poll of the Week!

Hey Evs and Nevs, My profound apologies for the late post! Those of you who’ve seen me on tour, either at your bookstore or at your school know how insane things are at the moment. I’m juggling appearances, plus traveling to a new city every night, plus working on Book 3, plus trying to get […]

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