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Behold… The Official Poster for THE LAST EVER AFTER

Ready? READY? Here is the new poster designed by Michael Blank. Share it far and wide with all your friends! Remember, you can preorder the book with a huge discount at: Alright… tah-dah!

Caspar Answers, Karaoke in Texas, and Douggie at Buckingham Palace

Hey Evs and Nevs, First things first! Your Caspar Lee–Tedros thought bubbles are so good that I’m extending the contest one extra week! They’re quite the hit with Caspar himself — he messaged me on Twitter after they went up (he wants a copy of SGE; I’ll get one to him stat). So keep making […]

Accomplishments, Dreams, & Awesome Ladies

Hello, Evs and Nevs! Just your regular weekly reminder: if you want to enter the Young Tedros Thought Bubble Contest, you have until 12 pm EST on Tuesday!  If you don’t live in the U.S. (or you live in a different time zone), this link will help you with the time conversion.  Remember, you can enter […]

All About Boys, Young and Old Tedros Included, along with Ship and Thought Bubble Winners!

Hey Evs and Nevs, Sorry about the delay in posting! I was in Andover, Massachusetts, where I did two huge school presentations to over 600 kids — and so I wasn’t anywhere near a computer. I took a 7pm train back to New York, so I was working on Chapter 28 until the wee hours […]

Gone For the Day

Hi, loves!  Hope you’re having a fantastic day.   Just letting you know that Soman is on tour right now and will be pushing his regular blog post to tomorrow.  He’ll also be announcing contest winners then! In the meantime, submissions are closed and the judging process is underway.  Thanks to everyone for your lovely entries!  Here’s […]

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