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BOOM! MTV reveals the gorgeous new cover for… THE LAST EVER AFTER.

You ready? You really ready? Boom. MTV reveals the cover for THE LAST EVER AFTER:

MTV Debuts the Book 3 Cover on Thursday, Grown-Up Tedros/Hort, Nameplate Contest Winners, and the Official SGE Limerick Competition!

Hey Evs and Nevs, A quick word about the blog before we start. There’s only two rules: 1. No impersonating me. 2. Positive comments only. Violate either and your comments will be deleted and you’ll be banned from the site permanently. You’ll notice quite a few comments had to be deleted this week because of those rules. If there’s any […]

Book 3 Cover Coming, Douggie Sleeps, Fan Fiction Questions, and More Book 3 Teases!

Hey Evs and Nevs, It’s so cold here that when the dog walker came, Douggie refused to go with him and I had to literally boot him in the backside out the door. Since he came back, he has slept for three hours in every possible position, as evidenced below. Well, I suppose bad dog-weather […]

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