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Book Madness, RP Limbo, & First Full SGE Site Exclusive

Hi, Evs and Nevs! Weird to be writing to you on this blustery, drizzly Monday instead of Sunday.  I’m just getting a chance to catch my breath after a hectic week: first BookExpo America, then BookCon!  (On top of everything else we’re doing. Oy.) BEA is more of an industry conference whereas BookCon is definitely a […]


Hi guys, Just letting you know a few things: 1) The new website will be coming a bit later than expected since we want to focus on the trailer for Book 3 this week. We realized that if we launch the new site at the same time, things will be totally nuts.  We want to give you guys […]

Summer Jaunts, Website & Trailer News, Answering Questions, and a New Spin Off Contest!

Hey Evs and Nevs, As stressful and difficult as March and April were, trying to finish Book 3 and make it what I wanted it to be, the only advantage of it was that I was solely focused on one thing. Nothing else in life mattered except writing and that’s all I did, between sleeping […]

Answers on the Way…

Hey folks, Today’s been nuts, because I’m prepping for BEA, managing the last tweaks to the Book 3 proof, and I’m about to step into the release party for Jenny Han’s PS I STILL LOVE YOU… So look for my next post tomorrow, in which I answer many of your questions from last week, along […]

Death by Paper plus Q&A Answers

Hi, Evs and Nevs! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. As the proofing process for Book 3 winds down, I’m finding myself with a ridiculous amount of paper on my hands. We’ve mentioned before how long the book is — imagine me carrying around three times that number of pages. That’s what happened the other day. […]

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