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Holy Comic-Con, Batman! And Answers to a Few Burning Questions…

Yesterday, I got to attend my very first Comic-Con — an apocalyptic fantasy/gaming/comic convention in New York City that brings together thousands of passionate fans of various franchises in every possible medium for a weekend of fun and nerddom. I’d always harbored secret ambitions to bring THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD & EVIL to Comic-Con, but […]

New SGE Bumper Stickers!

Hey folks, Today, we’re debuting the new SGE Honor Society Bumper Stickers that will be available at NYC Comic-Con, October 11-13th! They’ll also be my swag that I’ll be giving out on tour for Book 2 next year, in addition to the Ever and Never buttons I always give out to the purest Good and […]

Book 2 Cover Coming Tuesday…

Hey folks, Apologies for the silence of late — I’ve been moving apartments, working on the film version of SGE, and huddling away working on A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES, the sequel to SGE. Still working on the book (it’s epic, to say the least). But to tide you over, here’s a little fun news: Entertainment […]

You Ask, I Answer! Post Your SGE Questions!

My favorite part about being an author is hearing a reader’s questions. They’re usually so thoughtful, insightful, and well-considered that I do everything I can to give an equally well-considered answer. With more and more readers picking up SGE this summer, now seems a good time to do an open forum on any questions you […]

London Calling

Hey folks, Apologies for the delay in blogging. It’s been a whirlwind month as you can imagine, with the movie deal, the release of THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD & EVIL in the U.S., and now the UK launch. I’m currently in London, which might be my favorite city in the world. I’ve been here about […]

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