Theory Winners, Post-SGE Fantasies, Figure 4, and a New Motto Contest!

7th April 2015

Hey Evs and Nevs,

Sorry for the post being a few hours later than usual! I wrote for almost 12 hours today (eep!), and then went to the hardest workout class ever, called Figure 4. It’s a one-hour brutalization at a ballet bar (some studios call it Barre Method), and you end up pouring sweat to the point where you can’t even see anymore, and your muscles are about to explode, and you feel like a horse dragging a house across the Serengeti.

BUT I enjoyed every second of it, because it meant that I got to the end of my writing day.

And here I am.

The reason Book 3 has been the toughest is because it’s looonnngg — and I don’t have extra time to write it, because of our July 21st release date. So it was a challenging proposition all around, because it’s the most complex book, the most twisty book, the biggest book, and also in my head, I wanted it to be the best book… the one that really blows you away. So it meant that I really had to buckle down for this one. I haven’t had any days off since September (eeee!), and I’ll be working on the final chapters all through my tour for Book 2 paperback starting next week. But I don’t mind. I really do love this book and it’s worth it to get it absolutely perfect, because it’s something I want to put out in the world knowing I gave everything to it.

And because I know when we finish copy-editing and proofing and art directing and layout on May 18th, on May 19th I will lie on my carpet in boxers for 48 hours straight, wrapped in a blanket, watching marathons of every TV show I haven’t been able to see in the past four years because of SGE, and I’ll eat pancakes for dinner and go to sleep late for no reason at all and go on dates and play tennis for more hours than is humanly possible and not feel guilty about anything.

For 2 weeks.

And then I’ll start working on the thing that’s next. Which I can’t tell you about yet… but you’ll see.

Meanwhile, it’s only 6 days — 6 DAYS — before you get to read the first two chapters. Gleeep! Yes, at your local bookstore starting next Tuesday, you’ll be able to get the paperback edition of A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES, featuring the first 2 chapters, plus Deleted Scenes, plus an Interview, including tidbits about the movie.

For those of you who are international, who can’t get your hands on this special edition paperback, I’m pretty sure you can order the American e-book edition of the paperback, which will have the same extended extras as well.

I can’t wait to talk to you about those first 2 chapters and see what you think of them… I will say that the two art pieces for the first two chapters are two of my favorites ever.

And just so you know who’s MOST excited about the Book 2 paperback and the extras inside it…

photo (49)

Oh Douggie’s been a holy terror lately. Today I tried to take him on a walk and he just sat in the middle of the sidewalk and wouldn’t move. And when I tried to drag him, he pooped, just to stall and make me clean it up. And when I tried to drag him again, he peed. And then when I loosened the leash for just a second, he ran away and got back to the house. He just hates exercise and wants to sleep.

Can’t blame him. I’d be that way if I could.

Now to the Theory Competition! This was insanely hard to judge, because they were so wonderful — but JoAnn did the heavy lifting on finding the best ones (because my brain was starting to explode reading them, and I didn’t want to get too confused as I write the ending!)

Now remember: this is important, so pay attention. We didn’t judge the winners on who is most accurate. NONE OF THESE WERE PICKED BECAUSE THEY HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH BOOK 3! We judged purely on creativity and thought process.

So rest assured… the twists are safe with me.

So here are the winners!

A few honorable mentions:

SYLVIE, for her Fairy Tale Theory:


This would be dramatic, wouldn’t it! Because if the two girls destroy the Storian, that means there could never be any more SGE books ever ever ever… because there could be no more fairy tales… Hmmm….

Next up: Ana Sofia has a pretty scandalous theory called The Guinevere-Lancelot Theory:

Ana Sofia

My goodness. Can you imagine? What kind of repercussions would there be if Tedros was Lancelot’s son!!! That said, everyone seems to say Tedros looks like Arthur, so…

Next up: Fluffy Penguins with The Scholarly Butterfly Theory

Fluffy Penguins

So much focus on Sader in these theories, but this one was particularly well-reasoned and thought out. August Sader and Evelyn Sader are interesting characters, aren’t they — one did such good and one wreaked such havoc. Things to think about…

In 3rd Place: A tie between Mystery Maiden and Ariel for the Sader Theory (MM brought it up first and Ariel fleshed it out in a deeply creative way)

Ariel Mystery Maiden

A lot of people think Sader is Agatha’s father. A LOT. But you know me. When a lot of people think something… that means I’ve thought of it too….

… which means I don’t like to do it.


In 2nd Place, Amanda of Never Army with The Never Theory

Amanda of Never Army

This is so great because it brings up a real question. What is the Meaning of Evil? Why are some people Nevers?

Well guess what, Amanda… The title of Chapter 32 in Book 3 is…


So you’ll find out if your theory is right, soon enough.

And the winner of this week’s contest and 5 signed copies of A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES (if she lives in the US) is…

Lillian with her Vanessa/Good School Master Theory!


SO DRAMATIC, Lillian! And so well thought out. My brain exploded reading this. You clearly are as deep in the world of SGE as I am.

Well, done Lillian!

Thank you for all the amazing work, Evs and Nevs. Once again you prove your unparalleled brilliance and why our fandom is the best one around. Every contest, you get better and better and better.

Which brings me to this week’s contest, which will last two weeks…

The School for Good and the School for Evil need new mottos! You’re going to come up with your own mottos for the school you like best and upload it to the Reader Gallery. Here’s the rules:

1. Choose which school you’re going to support.

2. Come up with your motto. For instance, the School for Good motto might be: “IN THE NAME OF LOVE” while the School for Evil motto might be: “IN THE NAME OF POWER.”

3. Design your motto on a piece of paper, with as much or as little artwork as you like. Make sure you have both the school name and the motto on your paper.

4. Upload it to the Reader Gallery by noon on April 21st!

Don’t forget to pick up your PB of Book 2 next week… and in the meantime wish me luck finishing Book 3!!! Ahhhhh!




  1. Feel better about your leg Douggie and wish that you could walk sooner or later...

  2. Haha! Douggie is funny! That is how I am on Saturdays for Japanese school... it is a nightmare!

  3. Ahaha, some dogs just don't want to take walks.

  4. Douggie looks so excited! XD I wish I had been able to write for 12 hours. I say that now, but if I ever went to experience it I would probably wish I had never hoped for this.

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