Want Your Favorite Fairy Tale in Book #2? Here’s Your Chance!

20th November 2013

Hey Evers and Nevers,

Do you want to see your idea of a fairy tale show up in A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES, out April 15th? Here’s your chance!

For Book 2, we’re doing a secret special feature about famous fairy tale characters that once went to THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD & EVIL.

Since you guys have been the greatest fans on earth, I thought rather than just me picking these famous alumni, I’d open it up to you! So in the comments section, let’s hear your ideas of who we might include. Here’s an example of how you should format it:

NAME: Catherine of Foxwood


NOW KNOWN AS: ‘Snow White’

BEST KNOWN FOR: Cleaning up after dirty dwarves

Now, it doesn’t have to be a famous character either. Feel free to make one up! So you could do…

NAME: Drogan of Murmuring Mountains


NOW KNOWN AS: ‘The Ogre of Ogden Bridge’

BEST KNOWN FOR: Eating children who don’t do their homework

Enjoy coming up with your favorite Evers and Nevers!





  1. *wishing I knew what this was then* sadness

  2. Sweeet! I can’t wait for more contests coming up right now! I only recently got into participating in the contests since during quarantine I’ve been exercising my creative skills, which are close to 0

  3. I wish I was there when this was still open.. Don't know what I would do.. But I could have figured something out.

  4. Aww. I wish I had the chance to do this. I don’t know what I would submit, but I would find something creative.

  5. ughhhhhhh so many

  6. oooooo


  7. ahh I'm soooo late and lowkey salty. I wish I was here when this was still open. Please do something similar to this for your next upcoming book!

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