Website Launch in 7 Days, the SGE Fantasy Factory, Spinoff Winners, and Head Clearing Exercises

9th June 2015

Hey Evs and Nevs,

SGE Headquarters is in full potboiling mode, with everyone ludicrously busy preparing for launch! As you know, our team is as big as it is amazing — JoAnn’s managing the website launch and EverNever TV with Ramon; Agent Pete is coordinating… well everything; Toni, my editor, is already at work on the soon-to-be-announced next entry into the world of SGE; Olivia, publicist extraordinaire, is coordinating the massive LAST EVER AFTER tour; and I’m… what am I doing exactly…

I’m trying to clear my head.

There’s a million things going on — including planning the big SGE Launch Party in New York City on July 23rd from 6-8pm at Books of Wonder, which all of you are invited to btw — and starting June 26th, I’ll be on the road at ALA, San Diego Comic Con, and a number of other events… But this is my one chance this summer to really kind of cool down and try to get rid of all the lingering stress from Book 3 and remember what it was like to be a human being before I started writing the series. Luckily, I’m not sick anymore, so I’m back to playing tennis and weightlifting with Christoph and reading books (like Jenny Han’s TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE — if you haven’t read it, read it now; it’s sensational), and trying to understand why Douggie’s breath smells every time he wakes up from a nap (which is all he does).


If Douggie was my dog, I’d probably take him to some holistic doggie acupuncture Chinese old man who would fix the problem with some strange herbal powders, but since he’s not my dog, I just have to make sure that every time he wakes up, I stay faraway until breath resolves itself.

Ok, now let’s get to some important things about the website:

1. The site will launch on TUESDAY, JUNE 16TH. We need a few extra days in order to finalize all the details and make sure it’s all ready for you to jump into. (Also the trailer is getting so many views on the old site that we feel like trailer momentum deserves one extra week.) But on Tuesday, you will finally get your look into the brand new world of SGE!!!

2. YOU WILL HAVE TO RE-REGISTER. Because the new site requires you to choose a nickname, if you try to register with your old log-in, it won’t work, because you never actually chose a site nickname. So please re-register and choose whatever nickname you like — i.e. your old one. As long as it isn’t your e-mail address, your real name, or something inappropriate, it will be approved!

3. The new site won’t have the brand new quiz, SGE text adventure game, and EverNever TV just yet. We’ll be launching those little by little, as we move towards the release of Book 3… But all of them should be up and usable by July 21st!

How about that trailer! Michael’s preview video for THE LAST EVER AFTER exploded across the internet last week — marshaling up an absolute ton of views, including over 15,000 likes on Facebook, 10,000 + views on Vimeo and Youtube, and this is before it’s posted on Amazon, B&N, and is featured in Youtube advertisements later this month. It’s an amazing piece of work in every way, and your comments have been pretty awesome, trying to figure out what’s going to happen in Book 3…

Needless to say, no one’s figured it out yet, because it’s impossible to figure out. Too many secrets and surprises 🙂 It’s why the book is on one-day laydown, meaning even _I_ won’t get a copy until July 21st. That’s right. I’ll see it the same day you do!!!! Weird, huh? Let’s hope there’s no typos or pages missing, because you and I will discover it at exactly the same time! But no, it should be just fine and beautiful and BIG. 672 pages big.

Ramon just came over so we can film some stuff for EverNeverTV, while JoAnn’s prepping the room to shoot… Here’s a quick pic:


It is VERY odd for me to be on camera. I like hiding behind screens and computers and letting the words do the talking, but given SGE is coming to an end, I need a way to tell you everything that’s happening in the Ever Never World as we transition to future books and series and movies and everything else! So consider this our way of staying in touch and me embracing the future.

This reminds me of something Karl Lagerfeld said, who I’m obsessed with. He said, ‘anyone who thinks the past is better might as well die.’ If the past is better, he means, why are you here? The future is now and we have to embrace it. Otherwise you are obsolete. You are vintage.

So EverNever TV is my attempt to not be vintage.

(On that note, do I have to dress up for it? Do I have to look good? I’m tempted to just film in my pajamas like Caspar Lee.)

Ok, now on to the Spinoff Contest… OMG. So many brilliant entries and great ideas! I’m tempted to steal all of them. (Toni, my editor will no doubt be seeing all your spin-off entries and giving them a big ‘Hmmmmm’ too. Because they’re SO good and I can imagine almost all of them as real books.)

An honorable Mention goes to… HANNAH THE EEL for her book “A Coven Is Three: The Tale of the Witches After Room 66”!


HESTER: I totally deserve my own book.

ANADIL: Um I’m in the book too.

HESTER: Yeah, but you’re my henchman and everyone knows I’m the star of the book. Notice how Hannah the Eel explicitly put red slash marks implying my demon on the side of the cover.

DOT: Um those are just slash marks to take up space. I see real chocolate and one of Ani’s rats on the bottom. You were left out.

HESTER: (pauses) Can we take back Hannah’s honorable mention?

Another Honorable Mention goes to… ARIEL for her “Butterfly and the Swan: The Untold Story of the Sader Siblings.” And the equally awesome tagline: The School Masters Weren’t the Only Siblings With Secrets to Hide…


SOMAN: Mr. Tortoise Librarian, would you stock such a book in your library?


SOMAN: Is that a yes?


SOMAN: Wonderful. Let’s order two copies then. One for the Library of Virtue and one for the Library of Vice.

And the last Honorable Mention goes to Lynn for: “HOW TO HATE EVERYONE: Reaper’s Guide to Being Your Utmost Displeasing Self.”


SOPHIE: Further evidence we should put that cat down.

AGATHA: You know, I’m just thinking. When you were bald and warty and had no teeth as a witch, you kinda looked like Reaper.

SOPHIE: (Gasps)



HESTER: Finally. FINALLY. A story that’s all about me!

ANADIL: Anger Management? You?

HESTER: She’s being ironic. Obviously.

DOT: Or delusional.

In Second Place, Princess Sophie of Woods Beyond with “WHERE BEAUTY MEETS CHARITY”, a complete beauty handbook compiling all of Sophie’s lunchtime lectures.


AGATHA: Who would buy such a foul book?

SOPHIE: Everyone in the entire world, boys included. Everyone wants to be beautiful. Everyone wants to be me!

AGATHA: I repeat. Who would buy such a foul book?

And in first place, the magnificent SOPHIE4EVER with ‘OFF PAGE’: The story of Rafal and his School Master brother!


RAFAL: You might be out of a job, little pen.

(Storian stares blankly at him)

RAFAL: This young girl wrote an entire fairy tale, looks like, without your help.

(Storian flies out window in search of Sophie4Ever, with the most Evil of intentions.)

Sorry Sophie4Ever… your amazing entry might get you killed by the Storian, but it’s won my admiration — as have all your brilliant covers which I keep ogling on the Reader Gallery whenever I’m thinking of what to write next…. All of you are so awesome that I can’t imagine my days without looking at your Instagram memes and your Gallery entries and all your hilarious comments. (I still look at every one, though sometimes the Role Play Forum gets so out of control that I have no idea what’s going on. Until Jack lays down the law on ‘peasants’ and then I feel oriented again.)

I have a new contest planned, but it’s going to be announced next Tuesday on the new site in my new blog… Contests will start appearing on EverNeverTV instead of the blog in July once our new TV channel starts.

So much more to come! Have a wonderful week Evs and Nevs!




  1. Awesome art!! Loved the lil dialogues!

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    • Spin offs, I really dislike auto correct

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  10. The Storian is always watching... LOOK OUT!!!!

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